Sunday, February 14, 2010


I am f*cking dulan on the first day of Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day!
What the F!
and I fell down in front of my house too! ON THE SAME DAY. wtf I've not been falling down since like so long ago but why today?? mcb.
How fantastic.

I don't appreciate prank calls and unnecessary phone calls seriously. Especially when I'm not in the mood to talk! Getting on my nerves already. Too much


Saturday, February 6, 2010


Hello readers. I apologize for the long hiatus again. I had a really busy week and seriously I can't imagine how am I able to manage everything prior this week. I'm glad that I finally have the time to sit and type something out. I hardly did anything for myself this week. Running from one place to another getting this and that done, following up stuff. Whoa! That was like the busiest week ever! I totally can't believe how fast the time passed. When you're busy you'll always feel 时间不够用! That is why one week's time seems like just a blink of an eye.

Must be wondering why was I so busy this week right? Let me list them out. I had to prepare for 3 presentations, complete 1 assignment, I am involved in ADWAVE which is one of the final year projects for the final year students of Communication and since I am in the PR and Publicity department I need to call up the press people to get them publish out our press and we had counter duties as well for this to publicize our project to the university students, I worked in a Digi roadshow and it was held in two different locations so I had to travel with Digi people, I am also a member of the Lifeguard Corp in my uni and so coincidentally they are having their general meeting this week also and the fitness test is held yesterday. Totally so wtf. I had no time for training at all so yeah expectedly I failed. So as the consequence I need to go for replacements training as penalty every week for 5 weeks and swim 1.6km in 50 minutes time. wtf wtf!! AND I am the event team member of Kung Fu night which was held last night (saturday) and I had to attend their rehearsals on Monday, Wednesday and Friday-_____-' not to forget I was busy the whole night last night. I guess thats about it...fuh.

Its like everything happened in the same week! But to think about it again, I think its all worth it because I get to know so many friends and even became close to some of them :)

I can't wait to go back Ipoh next week! I bet it will be so fun! haha yes totally will! There are a few that I can't wait to meet when I get back to Ipoh hoho.

I shall share some pictures of the Kung Fu night. It was totally awesome. The adhoc team did such a great job and planned everything really well.

During rehearsal, the backdrop was just being put up

On that night. My muay thai boys haha. I was in charge of the muay thai division.

And the following pictures were taken from the stage side.

40 drummers!

The fluorescent lotus dragon

My muay thai boys performing haha

And some pictures of the Digi roadshow as well :)

I will follow you~~ hahaha..

Will be going to watch my friend's drama performance later. Better be worth it hahaha!
Have a good one everyone!

love love,