Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pulau Redang!!

Hey there, finally I have the time to blog after so long.
So my final exam was over and I stayed in Penang for two days before heading to Redang Island. The island is so pretty! The water is clear and the sand is so fine and smooth and white. It totally feels awesome to spend a few days in a beautiful island like this! After a month of hard core struggle for my finals, an awesome trip like this is a totally a big reward for myself! I had so much fun with my friends and him in the island. Got to know so many other friends from the trip as well..its good that we know more of each other's friends now. I experienced snorkeling for the first time and it's really a great experience! It totally felt like I'm in another world and its really great swimming along with so many fishes. It may sound silly but its really what I felt..I felt like a fish when I was swimming with the fishes haha :)
I have uploaded quite a number of pictures in my facebook. Check them out and feel free to leave comments alright!
And I shall share some pictures here that I did not upload in facebook:) <3

These are my course mates who joined the rest in kl with me :) Had so much fun with them!

We dropped by Seremban a while before we departed to Redang Island. The siew pao tasted so fresh and good. If to compare with Ipoh's I think the one sold in Ipoh town area is really really not bad at all! They tasted totally like its originated from Seremban!

My favourite underwater picture. Totally feels awesome to swim with fishes! [Again I'm saying it! @.@]

This picture is to show you guys how tanned I got! Look at the picture carefully! My arms are so tanned compared to my torso :(

Love this picture wheeeeeeee~

Breakkie with him after watching sunrise together <3


and our last picture before leaving the island.. <3 This is overall an awesome trip! I can't wait for the next to come! After Redang I went back to Penang to pack my stuff back to Ipoh. Spent some time with family in Penang and as usual we eat like whoaa..We had so much food in two days time.

Beef Bacon Burger! Who could resist 'em??

This is an orgasmic Chicken Cordon Bleu..The amount of cheese inside this piece gave me a shock!

Showing only a small portion due to laziness sorry LOL..

I wish I could meet up everyone during these holidays to catch up. Managed to have lunch with the usual girls this noon and it felt good to see each other again :) I'm waiting for our karaoke session in our next meeting! <3

Thats all for now. Oh ya remember to check out my Redang pictures in my facebook okayyy and leave some comments when appropriate haha

love love <3