Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Karaoke+Slumber Parrrtay

This is a recap on the karaoke session and slumber party we had on the 15th and 16th of June =)
We had loads of fun singing, screaming our lungs out and laughing our arses off. Weehee~! I didn't know since when we had this liking for karaoke sessions and we have been doing it quite often. Like today! I'll update about today another time alright. Today was definately an awesome day for me! The mail I've been waiting since....since forever?? It finally came today!!! I felt immensely relieved and everything just felt so right eeeeeeeeeeeekk!!!

Pictures time..

haha meiwenn too syok singing solo lalalalala~~

Next up they all proceeded to my house for dinner. Steamboat! :)

TOFU~! Me likeyyyy hehehe. Amy bought the wrong type of tofu Grrrr. But its still awesome coz anyway it's still tofu!

So after dinner we had a few card games......

Then we started to draw on each other's faces geez..

Okay here are some 'mugshots' haha. Freggin embarrassing -__________-'

LOOK!!! A dick on her nose!!!! LOL She didn't end up that clean tho. I don't have a picture of her with her face full of drawings. She had the most drawings on her face HAHA. I promise to show next time. It was horrible. ROFL.

So the next day we had homecooked noodles for lunch. Felt so homey :). We watched 'The confession of a shopaholic' together too. Then yum cha and chor dai di session in Greentown.

Si gelojoh sik sik.

And I was busy farking someone on the phone and this little miss took a shot as rememberance =.= ahahahahaa..

So yeah that was basicly how we had the random slumber party.

Its 2.30 now. I shall go to bed. Good night everyone :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Korean dinner.

It was a funny day. I had a lot of emotions. I was happy, was sad, was frustrated, was satisfied, was even feeling insulted -______________________-'

Anyhow, I survived. Man, its been seriously so long since I last felt so insulted by someone-someone as in a random person or maybe a stranger. Nahh I shall just forget about it. =.=' ISH.

Had Korean for dinner today~!! Totally scrumptious! and its the main thingy that made my day:)

My all time favourite Ginseng Chicken Stew.

I chose the Ginseng Chicken Stew and the rest my mom ordered. The amount of food really stuffed the both of us to the max. We couldn't finish tho. She's so greedy haha thinking that the both of us are able to finish that much. =.='

My mom said I talk funny. Well sometimes I really do. I tend to imagine stuff. Or when I'm out of idea some nonsensical stuff will come out. Today I said stuff like things that are going to happen can happen in a blink of eye where time is negligible? Whereas its actually quite time consuming. Never mind if you don't understand. Its really nice of you if you have read up to here haha.

Okay tomorrow...a lot to do as well. "Remember to wash your shoes Ciara O'Hara!" Someone please remind me.

This Saturday-BIG DAY.

p/s: I'm addicted to Restaurant City.

p/p/s: I wana play GUITAR HERO. OMG I miss Guitar Hero SO MUCH.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mushroom soup from scratch

The weather is so so so hot and humid omg.
I had a busy busy day and was driving to quite a few places. As soon as I stepped out from the indoors/car it really felt like I was on a hot sizzling pan. Phew. I need fresh air. I would be grateful even for the thinnest air to smack on my face.

I'm still so freggin ANXIOUS for my mail to reach my doorstep. Pretty please let my mail arrive safely. I can't wait no more.

I talked to a random friend today. UPU results were out. To my surprise, a chinese STPM graduate scoring more than 3.5 cgpa will also be 'dumped' to Kelantan to study a subject that he/she did not choose. Oh my, I can't imagine which jungle will I end up at if USM didn't accept me. I have the slightest chance to be able to study what and where I wanted to. Hallelujah.

Did you all know Ah Kiu and Edison Chen are both coming to Malaysia? Haha. Ironic.

AWESOME HOMEMADE MUSHROOM SOUP with buttered toast. Ahhh satisfying!
Yes I had that as dinner. No kidding.

Friday, June 12, 2009


OMG I'm so nervous right now! Like seriously nervous!
I'm waiting anxiously for a letter to reach my doorstep. Please come as soon as possible =(

Anyway I did nail art today. happy HAHA!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I enjoyed my vacation in Melbourne a lot a lot! Thank you so much guys for everything! I had such a great time till I didn't want to come back! LOL

The first few days I was traveling with my family. We visited The Great Ocean Road, winery, rode on Puffing Billy which is the oldest train, visited the wild life sanctuary and went around the city of Melbourne.

In the city! Before departing to Great Ocean Road.

Getting some drinks in Great Ocean Road. Look at the shop owner haha.

In Port Campbell town.

The next day,

In some bird park where tourists are allowed to feed the birds with seeds.

Puffing Billy! Man I enjoyed this haha. This is like the only working steam train in Melb. Sort of antique.

Then to the winery,

geez look at those grapes, they are all dried up how sad.

Then to the wild life sanctuary,



Tasmanian devil.



At night met up with my girlfriends during dinner then to Max Brenner.

Awesome chocolate drink

Mocha says "Drink me"

The following day city tour!

Victoria market.

Lots of cheese!

Lots of olives!

Then on the way to Lygon St. for dinner. Haha look at nsa's expression.

Then headed to Eureka tower and to Crown Casino,

Then the next day my family flew back to Malaysia and left me alone in Melb with my friends =)

Went to St.Kilda beach yes.

Lunch at St.Kilda! Look at her....isk gelojohnyaaaa

I didn't enjoy them. They are really deceiving =.=

And we went to scienceworks! Man, I felt like a kid again.

The lightning room.

Later in the evening met up with Eunice for dinner.

One hella spicy bowl of ramen >.<

Next up, eunice brought me around the city. Visited this memorial thing. The shrine?

Then to Royal Botanic Garden. Haha. Does it sound like we didn't have anything better to do? Well actually not. Its huge inside we seriously needed the map to lead us.

I crashed Chrys' place and was really nice to get to spend time with her. She was a good host! haha.

Then later in noon we headed to Pancake Parlour! Awesome pancakes!!!

This is Cheese and Potato Pancake. It was sinfully delicious!

Joanna came to meet up as well!

We had homecooked dinner after that. Chrys bought us Krispy Kreme as dessert! She's so crazy over Krispy Kreme haha. She wallup about 8 doughnuts. Scaryyyyy.

Nadia cooked most of it and damn she's really good in cooking. What a bliss.

Look at that man...we have chicken, tofu, char siu and veg!

OMG OMG Its Guitar hero!!!! I miss the drums SO MUCH. Its ADDICTIVE!

So the next day, met up with Paikyen!! She brought me to have Korean food :)

It was good but the portion is so freggin HUGE.

After that we headed for chcolate drink in Chokolait.


Omg both were HEAVENLYYYYYY. I finished it till the last drop!

Eunice, Nadia and I went to the Ignite festival in Docklands. There were fireworks so yeah thats the only reason we went.


After the show we dinner-Thai food in Lygon St. and ice cream at Freddo's! Haha Paikyen I manage to try Freddo's that you were telling me about!

On the day before I left, had breakfast in Carnigie with nsa and chingmun. Bagels!

Meatloaf Bagel

and Salmon Bagel with cream cheese.

Honeycomb cake~

And Sticky date pudding. Oh yeah!

Thats briefly about my trip which lasted for two weeks. I had so much fun. I gained weight as well need not to say actually. My mom said I look chubbier and one friend told me I look so much happier! Haha. Maybe its because I really let myself out during my vacation. I'm so gonna do this again! Boy, I miss Melbourne. So much.

Oreo makes me happy!

Guitar hero songs are still playing in my mind non stop till now. I wana play Guitar Hero! My sickenning new addiction. Gahh!

Bila yang tertulis untukku adalah yang terbaik untukmu, kan kujadikan kau kenangan yang terindah dalam hudupku~~ Namun takan mudah bagiku meninggalkan jejak hudupku yang telah terukir abadi sebagai kenangan yang terindah~~

Ok someone please kidnap me to melbourne. Thank you.