Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Karaoke+Slumber Parrrtay

This is a recap on the karaoke session and slumber party we had on the 15th and 16th of June =)
We had loads of fun singing, screaming our lungs out and laughing our arses off. Weehee~! I didn't know since when we had this liking for karaoke sessions and we have been doing it quite often. Like today! I'll update about today another time alright. Today was definately an awesome day for me! The mail I've been waiting since....since forever?? It finally came today!!! I felt immensely relieved and everything just felt so right eeeeeeeeeeeekk!!!

Pictures time..

haha meiwenn too syok singing solo lalalalala~~

Next up they all proceeded to my house for dinner. Steamboat! :)

TOFU~! Me likeyyyy hehehe. Amy bought the wrong type of tofu Grrrr. But its still awesome coz anyway it's still tofu!

So after dinner we had a few card games......

Then we started to draw on each other's faces geez..

Okay here are some 'mugshots' haha. Freggin embarrassing -__________-'

LOOK!!! A dick on her nose!!!! LOL She didn't end up that clean tho. I don't have a picture of her with her face full of drawings. She had the most drawings on her face HAHA. I promise to show next time. It was horrible. ROFL.

So the next day we had homecooked noodles for lunch. Felt so homey :). We watched 'The confession of a shopaholic' together too. Then yum cha and chor dai di session in Greentown.

Si gelojoh sik sik.

And I was busy farking someone on the phone and this little miss took a shot as rememberance =.= ahahahahaa..

So yeah that was basicly how we had the random slumber party.

Its 2.30 now. I shall go to bed. Good night everyone :)


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hehehee yeaa

Ames said...

misss you.... i dunno when we'll have summore la......!!! grrr find me asap when u';re free my dear