Sunday, April 17, 2011

S for satisfaction

Nyaaaa I'm so sorry for the hiatus again and as promised here are more pictures from Communication Night 2011 :D There are more in my facebook anyway.

Here's a full body picture of my. Credits to Apple!

With the Prom Princess! <3

This girl so freggin pretty right!

My awesome senior! :D

And my awesome lecturer whose favourite song is 'So What' by Pink! LOL

My favourite girls in Uni! <3

I've been lazy+busy lately. Yeah you didn't got me wrong...busy yet lazy hence here comes unproductive days. Its study week now but I've been doing the least revision I could. Yeah no effort =/ I gotta kick my ass to stop procrastinating tomorrow onwards! *promises self*

So I am now an AIESEC member and as a newbie we had to organize Team Day to let us, the Project Management team, to bond. So we went for paintball as it was something new to most of the members in the team and its really good for team building! We had a one whole day out from noon till dinner :D

The Paintball game was fun of course but the pain caused was really...hmm I dont know if the pain is worth the fun. I had two major bruises this time!

on my arm and..

and my thigh.
Ouch right? Both was swollen =[
Anywayyyyy its really fun, not the game itself actually, but its how we all can actually bond and make better friends after Team Day!
I was so glad that everything went well as planned and it actually turned out great! :D

We had the Guardian and Angel game as well during Team Day and today is the Guardian revealing day! I managed to give my lil angel a bag of gift to make him happy but anonymously haha. The satisfaction of seeing him feeling so happy was priceless :D

and this was what I posted in facebook to reveal myself :D

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Comm Night!

I can't help it but I'm feeling so lazy today. It is totally due to the super long day I had yesterday! I don't feel like doing anything at all today and don't feel like going anywhere at all. Ahh The Lazy Song suits me so well at the moment.

So, Communication Night was last night and hell it was such a long day yesterday! Like seriously... I went 8am class and then straight to Evergreen Hotel hotel in the noon right after I packed up and showered. The setting up and rehearsal went on up till 5pm then everyone started busy getting ready. The dinner went on and everything went on as planned and gosh I'm so glad everything went pretty smoothly. There are a bit of technical errors here and there but overall everything was alright and under control!
I was so glad to hear the feedbacks from lecturers and the seniors, it seems that everything was good! From good food, good environment to good job! It was seriously a big relieve for us when it was over.

I don't have many pictures with me yet but will post more when I got them. Promise :)
Here's a few for sneak peek :D

Here's me getting ready :)

and me after getting my hair and make up done.

The stage, which was the only stage made of glass in Penang.

And here's a picture of me and few of my favourite people in uni! :D