Saturday, February 26, 2011

Of Reptiles and what not.

How did your weekend go lovelies?
Guess my weekend was quite an interesting one :D I'm so glad I didn't run home actually. Hanging out with that crazy bunch was such a fun. Haha.
We were camping at Borders yesterday for hours from noon till dinner time and then back to Borders and end up left with embarrassment because we were too loud and everyone got distracted by us. Damn.

So at night we were at YK's place and she has an awesome collection of reptiles! From roaches to snakes and even geckhos!

This pretty little thing crawled on my arm :)

See see!

And this pretty snake, gentle but scary when she comes near my face.
I was so amused by her collection! I've never seen so many of these in someone's house before.

So we were having booze after that and we're all not much of a drinker except miss Grobe. As usual I was laughing so crazily and I couldn't handle my laughters =/

Look at her so sober and happy with the rice pot on the head.
She's the most sober one by the end of the game. Project Wasted winner. Wtf.

I shall out now.
YK's beanie :D


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bitchy Beach

Feel like going for an escape.

I miss the beach moments,

The cold salty sea water,
The sound of waves,

The irritating sand,
The stupid hot sun,

The endless laughters,
The tiring walks and chases,
And the wonderful people I spent on the beach with.
I miss them all.

Am hoping for a wonderful weekend.
Hopefully it will be for everyone as well :)


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Devastated still..

I've never had so much obstacles at one point of time for such a long time already.
Usually it will be good things and misfortunes coming alternately but its been so long since the last time I felt everything feels so difficult and misfortunes keep attacking me. Wth.

I've been rather emotional since yesterday.
I would usually just rant and pour everything from my heart out to feel better but now when the worst happens..I really can't take it anymore.

I remember mentioning in my previous post that my grandmother was admitted to the hospital just a day or two before Chinese New Year and it was really really heart wrenching for me to see her being so weak and struggling so much to move due to stroke. Its her first time ever spending her time in the hospital ward during Chinese New Year and now she has left even before Chinese New Year has ended....

I still remember vividly few years back she was still healthy and strong even though she was already in her mid 80s and I only needed to hold her hands while walking her from one place to another may it be going out for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Then during one period of time she became so weak drastically. I had to hold her arms while walking her and I have to fully support her when she go up or down the staircase. She would need minutes to go up a few steps of stairs and she need to grab my arms tightly to support herself. Whenever we go out I would help her to get down from the car and then help her to get into the house. I was so worried that point of time and I used to ask my mom 'Why grandma has become so weak all of a sudden?' I was too worried that she will fall sick and gradually I could see that there were more and more things that she weren't able to do anymore :(

I was driving on Tuesday evening and I received a call from my mom. She was crying on the phone and told me the news. I totally went blank. I didn't what to do and which direction to go. I couldn't cry because I was working and I had to just control myself the whole time till the job was done. After that I was all tears. I was too devastated for not being able to say goodbye. I didn't even bid a proper farewell the last time I met her. She was resting and I didn't get the chance to.. T.T and I'm still crying like a child while typing this.

The funeral is on Saturday morning. I really really want to attend. I am really desperate to go back but I have mid term test on Friday. One paper at 8am and another one at 8.30pm. I have no idea how to get home by Saturday morning but I am really desperate to get back. I have asked around and even posted on Facebook. Yes I am really that desperate. But I still don't have any idea how am I able to get home on Friday night. Hopefully there will be a way.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Everyday should be like Valentine's Day

14th February- A day where every couple would celebrate their love with their loved ones.
I think that love should be celebrated every single day. Not only once a year. The world would be so much more wonderful if everyone makes their partner feel special everyday and not just that one particular day of the year. But of course its not quite possible to make it every single day but most of the days perhaps? I'm sure every girl want to feel special always. I'm no exceptional :)

Happy Valentine's Day to you again boo. Even though its not Valentine's Day anymore but I won't mind celebrating our love every single day :)

I was in KL again for the weekend.
Went to Luna Bar to chill and to celebrate Moji's birthday. It was not bad but most of them said they prefer Sky Bar better.

We were sitting on the pool side and the alter was the famous place where FHM girls did their magazine shooting. The cylinder space which has blue lights is the DJ console with a buff DJ inside hee :)

You can also see the Petronas Twin Towers' peak from here. But sadly the lights will be off 12am everyday so you could only enjoy the bright scene of the skyscraper till 12 am =/

We visited Seremban as well. We drove all the way there just to have the Hakka Mee for lunch actually. It was really awesome. So sinfully tasty and its the 'you-will-totally-ask-for-more' thing! I would rate it 10/10. So sorry I forgot the name of the shop. Publicity fail.

After lunch, the Seremban guys brought us to buy their famous Siew Pao. Little did I know the cheese tart was the bomb! Haha. It was one of the best cheese tarts I've tried. Its a baked cheese tart and it was freshly baked when I had it. So orgasmic!

The fluffy cream cheese on top with the runny blueberry filling and the crispy and aromatic pastry base. Yumm!
I'm such a sucker for cheese tarts. Wtf.

I shall end this post with a picture of myself. Its been so long since I last camwhored.
Here's to all of you:

May everyday will be like Valentine's Day to all of you :)
Make your loved one feel special and you will feel special yourself too.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year no?

I'm finally back in cyber space. I have been away for more than a week since I left Penang back to Ipoh for Chinese New Year. How was your Chinese New Year?
Hope all of you had a jolly one. 9 out of 10 Chinese New Year wishes and blessings commonly sounded like 'Happy Chinese New Year!' no matter who is it for. I got a lot of those but this year is a bit different. I heard a few 'Happy Rabbit New Year!' and what not. Chinese New Year wasn't that happy after all.
Quite a number of unfortunate incidents happened which kills the Happy-Chinese-New-Year mood. I pray it will all end by now. Seriously.
I had fever twice in a week which caused me to have to opt for injection so that I could recover faster. Not only fever, cough and flu came too.

Then the day before CNY eve the car got kissed by another car which totally freaked us out because it was parked near us along the road side and we were just having a quick dinner. That brilliant culprit 'accidentally' bumped onto the car that was parked behind our car. Hence the car behind rolled towards our car and kissed it hard. Wtf.

Then, grandma was admitted to the hospital due to stroke. This totally broke my heart into pieces. I am so freggin worried especially when I see her feeling so weak, gasping for air and trying so hard to move. Its too heart wrenching.

And on the third day of Chinese New Year my brother went out with his friends and came back with his car's rear glass all shattered. Wtf. The best part is nobody knew how it happened.

Now you see know why its not that happy after all. But of course overall it was still a good one. Who would say a season to get red packets and continuous gatherings with friends and family as a bad one right?
I am missing everyone back in Ipoh already. Especially my mom and my super cute nephews and nieces.
A decent group picture of us after so long!Priceless! :D

Check out Amy's toes and mine! haha :D

Wheeeee~ <3

In dilemma now to decide where should I be this weekend. :/

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Was wondering if I ever cross your mind..

Because for me it happens all the time.

Wish that you would call me right now because I'm officially missing you.