Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hello 2009

Goodbye 2008 and Hello 2009..
I had a blast last night counting down with my peeps..was really fun after so long we've not met..
Came home at 4.30..driven by an almost drunk man =.= scared the hell outta me
It was really fun but the alcohol makes me sick...dizzy and got me felt nauseous...I took 4 types of alcohol in three hours tasted the best=) haha

Well 2008 had been a really tough year for me...but of course it was an exciting year as well..

I went through a path that is so tough that I could not get my paces keep going at all at one extent but with encouragement of friends we made it together and it is over now! I am in a totally different phase now.. I have shed so much tears throughout the year but I had a lot of happy moments many ups and downs...I have no regrets at all on whatever I did on the year 2008 and I'm praying so hard for 2009 to be a better year for me....

I have experienced a handful of rare opportunities and made a whole bunch of new friends too...many people whom I knew before this were not close to me and on 2008 itself they became dear to me..I'm glad=)

May 2009 will be a better year for everyone..wish there will be more ups to come than downs and hope that there will be more laughters than tears for everybody. Amen!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

More pictures from Christmas celebration

I just got these last night..hehe taken from the James Bond handphone...effin cool phone!!!
The phone takes nice and good quality pictures...5MP and the design of the phone makes me go '~mama miaaaa.....' I want that phone man...eeeesh

I was trying to camwhore and these crazy people force themselves into the picture ishh... disturbia~~


What I did for Christmas

On eve, went for dinner with the bf <3
I decided to put on my christmas hat that I brought along to dinner...and people were staring at me sweat la seriously...geez jakuns not seen people wear Christmas hat before =.=

These were what I had for dinner =)

and two thumbs up for this toufu! wheeee~ I love toufu...

Then....I was so busy taking pictures in the car...*chi chak* *chi chak* allllll the wayyyy....

and he started to join the fun wearing the christmas hat with me!!!! cute

lol...the car was going slow due to the massive traffic jam and cars were parked everywhere....and people from next car and even pedestrians were staring at us [we both caught so many eyes looking]....i really don't know why...didn't bother much....I kept taking pictures coz I was in such a mood to camwhore...
Then I was sent to join my family after that...not to dinner second round but since they were somewhere near so I joined them to chat a bit...

the old man and I =D

And after that I joined my brother to his friend's place for Christmas barbeque..I had so much fun and they were the craziest people ever...funny people =) made me laughed the whole night...besides barbeque we played cards and had wine and beer too...everyone was on high and everyone goes crazy!

god knows what were they three on one...scaryy....and the guy who's topless he has a really big guardian angel tattoo on his back...WHOA! Its perfectly done and he got it from UK about a year ago....mmm nice nice =) the party ended really late...and I fell flat on my bed right away when i reached home..

The next morning was Christmas =)
We went to my uncle's house for lunch...of turkey, lamb, wine, salad and chocolates...mmhmm a perfect lunch for Christmas day..

opps mind the hungry man behind haha.....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve

Its CHRISTMAS EVE! yyyyeeeeaaaahhhh!!
Makes me sing 'I'm dreaming of a White Christmas...just like the ones I used to know....where treetops glisten...and children hear sleigh bells in the snow~'
or maybe...'all I want for Christmas is youuuuu~.....'
and even...'On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me..a partridge on a pear tree~!'

haha...I'm so in the mood =p
Christmas carols been playing since I woke up..

Christmas tree at home...which is lack of ornaments...haha but it has ribbons all over the tree and I tied them up yo! not easy I tell you..

Oh ya I remembered something...I spoke chinese to someone who doesn't ugly =( why on earth I will change to speak chinese in all of a sudden -_________-' but shame on that fella he's a chinese and he doesn't speak chinese at all...not even able to understand a word that I said...and the indian girl next to her actually translated for him oh wtf.....did the world just turn up side down? *scratches head*

I can't decide what to wear for tonight...tomorrow..and the day after tomorrow.....I wana go shopping!

Three things that I'm grateful of for today:-
1. I'm grateful that I still love my hair.
2. I'm grateful that today is Christmas Eve.
2. I'm grateful that tomorrow is Christmas.
Oh I'm so excited!
Tomorrow's Christmas eve!!!! hehehehehehehehehehheehhehehe
Lots of celebrations! YAY! From Christmas Eve till Boxing Day! hoo-haaa!!

I shall wear my christmas hat man hehe!

and and and and and I have new hair...yeeeehaaaaa! Its coloured... XD

lol random shot...
the real colour is two shades lighter than what you see from the picture actually...
Any comments people? Its alright to me and I actually like it...credits to James who recommended me this colour...
but guess what my mom gave me a big AIIIIYEERRRRRR....sweaaaat -__________-'
she doesn't like my hair~!!!!
arghhh..maybe she's just not used to see my hair coloured..hmm....

Three things I'm grateful of for today :-
1. I'm grateful that I successfully made 汤圆 again
2. I'm grateful that I didn't dream about spiders last night
3. I'm grateful that I made to the saloon and now I have a totally new look again

Monday, December 22, 2008

Belated Birthday Celebration

Paik yen and vivian, my two effin wonderful besties made me a small belated birthday celebration the other day because I couldn't make it with them during my sweet~
So Vivian 'booked' me two days before for dinner but sadly Paik couldn't make it last minute and we changed it to lunch...
We all gathered at Paik's house and then only headed for lunch in greentown..
Finally got to meet Paik yen's boy she's been talking about...First impression: really nice!
No wonder her mom likes him so much haha..
Our lunch was not bad..haha my recommendation yyyyaaayy!
After lunch we went for shopping..we all managed to buy new clothes YAY! I'm so in love with my new dress...and it matches my watch strap perfectly hahahaha... Paikyen's boy said 'sui'!! means pretty in hokkien :) :) Its a really great bargain too

vivian, me, paikyen and korwoi

everyone thought the top was chocolate but its not =.= haha we have no idea what it tasted like blueberry a lil

its glueeeeyyy and very stretchable >.<

see told ya....

I'm having mini oranges..feels like chinese new year...ahahaha a month ago I felt like christmas and been singing christmas carols...

and my mom ran into my room and oh fuck she ran out to get aerosol and she sprayed at that thing for whole 3.5 minutes!!!!! It was running for life and I was hiding and was still screaming my lungs out.....holy shit.....its fucking big and scary I couldn't believe what I saw and I didn't know my room can attract pests so much.....................holy mama cow...
I'm still scared...very scared..........I doubt I can sleep tonight =(

STUPID spidey or tarantula or whatever you're called!! :( GO TO HELL! :( :(

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm feeling so depressed right now..
and i wana curse and curse and curse!!$%$^%*#@$!*&)$@@#%&$!!!~!~!@@##@eithyisef!!~!

Its 11.55 pm....I'm not effin sleepy yet!!!!!NOT AT ALL!
I wana sleep to end the day!!!!!GRRRRRRRR

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Birthday!!

It was my birthday yesterday!! hehehee
I was really very happy :) :)
I was kidnapped to genting the day before my birthday which is Saturday and I only got to know I'll be going to genting on the following day on Friday night!? My mom knew I will be going to genting but she did not tell me anything about it at all...
So yeah i thought the two sweethearts (A and S) were the only culprits but didn't know I was conned by the boyfriend too...He knew all about it and pretended to be blur and innocent the whole time =.= he told me there will be a big surprise for me..and yeah I was seriously VERY surprised to see him in genting with piew just as soon as I reached genting...
The sweethearts couldn't get any rooms at all as they were planning to spend two days and a night in genting so it was then made as a day trip...
Didn't know last minute we wanted to stay overnight..It went pretty hectic =( but then things worked out regrets..

on the way to genting =)

The sweethearts and I!

Piew and his new friend from Aussie hehe

I was really glad that people do actually remember my birthday haha..thank you so much guys for your texts and calls to wish me Happy birthday :) :) I had a really good time wheeeeee~!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hello Wednesday =)
I've been busy whole day coz my house is getting a new outlook hee =)
Every single bit of the walls are being painted and now my room is pink! yes creamy pink <3
but the stench from the paint is seriously making me go cuckoo...
hope the smell will go away soon =( if not it'll be so difficult for me to get a good night sleep..

Oh btw..i have new hair...I don't like the way it looked like for no pictures haha..

Okay I found out something from someone who got to know from another someone...Its been a while since I last sense something fishy is going on and now its even fishier because I was so blur when someone asked me about something which I'm supposed to know but I DO NOT KNOW =.='
Everyone seem so mysterious these days.......and to my surprise I've not been receiving texts from people whom I expect to receive from and sadly people who're not supposed to text me are texting bothers me so much when my number is being passed around..

I am actually feeling quite satisfied when I recalled back our (A and I) performance during PC fair..haha at least there's a teeny weeny bit of achivement..little better then none..agree? hehe...tho I was a lil disappointed that we could not hit our target but compared to the previous one..we did a good job! and y'know people actually walked to us get our contact because they wana hire us for the upcoming events! geez..!!!! after all the hard work...phew at least there's something to pay it off...

I was told that I have a 'good wife' face from someone who has nothing better to do =.= I was like...sweat....first time ever someone told me I have a 'good wife' face...
haha..well I'll take it as a least there's someone to appreciate me..better than some other people

Sad memories are coming back what the fvck..I got to go

Monday, December 8, 2008


I'm backkk wooot~!
So sorry for not updating..
Exams over last week but i didn't have the time to update my blog coz I was working in PC fair for three days starting Friday which is the day after my exam ended...
It was much tiring than I've expected...been standing for hours and promoting non stop...damn dulan.. my voice changed on the last day of work..then sore throat.....
Missed class party too =( how sad..
Well..I just need to earn more coz I wana be RICH and PRETTY~!!! haha
I knew I will be spending alot and I don't wana end up being broke hence...hmm gotta work!
More updates soon =)