Monday, December 15, 2008

My Birthday!!

It was my birthday yesterday!! hehehee
I was really very happy :) :)
I was kidnapped to genting the day before my birthday which is Saturday and I only got to know I'll be going to genting on the following day on Friday night!? My mom knew I will be going to genting but she did not tell me anything about it at all...
So yeah i thought the two sweethearts (A and S) were the only culprits but didn't know I was conned by the boyfriend too...He knew all about it and pretended to be blur and innocent the whole time =.= he told me there will be a big surprise for me..and yeah I was seriously VERY surprised to see him in genting with piew just as soon as I reached genting...
The sweethearts couldn't get any rooms at all as they were planning to spend two days and a night in genting so it was then made as a day trip...
Didn't know last minute we wanted to stay overnight..It went pretty hectic =( but then things worked out regrets..

on the way to genting =)

The sweethearts and I!

Piew and his new friend from Aussie hehe

I was really glad that people do actually remember my birthday haha..thank you so much guys for your texts and calls to wish me Happy birthday :) :) I had a really good time wheeeeee~!

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