Thursday, May 26, 2011

Come back to me will you? I cannot imagine myself losing you.

Friday, May 13, 2011


I posted a new post yesterday and its gone. I'm very sure I published it but its really gone now. What happened?

Sigh. I had one of the worst days ever. I was fuck emotional the whole day.
So emotional that I felt like breaking down every single minute =/
But I couldn't when I was out and was working. Now that I'm alone...I just can't help it T.T

I have too many passive people around me which is really sad. I love to be around enthusiastic people and bubbly people who loves to talk as much as I do and like to share things. But when people around you are passive in a sense that they are close to you, but refuse to take part in things that you want to do with them together and are always closing ears to open conversations or folding arms to avoid becoming the one to initiate. Its really irritating and when that happens their sincerity becomes really ironic when they say "Lets do this or that" or "I wanna do this or that" but those are merely just words without meanings and are virtual wills. I don't like that!

I'm sick of being the backbone and I'm sick of initiating every time. I'm tired of being aggressive all the time.

Things have changed but I am living in denial. Why?
Now it seems that I am asking too much..I talk too much..I am more defensive..I am naggy whiny and a joy killer. Why it has become like this? and why when I am like this the listener often shut ears and walk off.
I'm no more the priority.
I'm no more the reason of everything that happens.
I'm no more the shoulder to lie on.
I'm no more the comfort zone...isn't it?

I can't believe I still want this after all that I've been through. FML!

On a brighter note, I celebrated Mother's Day with mom day after I got back from KL coz I was in KL during that weekend =/ *guilty* so lunch date with mama dearest it was!

bad lighting =/ but it wasn't burnt anyway haha. Lamb ribs-half slab.

ceasar salad.

Supermom and I!

Lets just wish for a better day tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Weekend with the girlfriend

Helloooo! *wavesss* [while munching on crackers with cheese and caviar for breakfast YUM!]
I'm finally on holidays! Not exactly..opps I was on holiday since last Tuesday. Sorry for the lack of updates again =/
Anyway I've been slacking a lot lately so I've decided to do something productive today! Hence, blogging it is!
I have a lot to share here hehehehehh

p/s: pictures bombing involved! :D

So I was back in Ipoh last Wednesday with my girl April because she decided to pay Ipoh a short short as 12 hours? LOL. She gotta drive back all the way south alone thats why she had to make it day time thats why =/ [Apple you gotta come again real soon alright! I'm gonna feed you till you get bloated!]
As soon as a day after she left I went south to spend the weekend with her LOL so klang it was where I spent my weekend. I had so much fun for the weekend!

Been nom-ing bak kut teh everyday three days straight! Satisfied much! and the weekend was totally awesome where we did all the things that we like together :D
So as soon as I reached Klang, the gf brought me to have bak kut teh :D

then to Hani's place for a get-together dinner cum YK's birthday celebration!

Look at those colourful cupcakes Hani bought for us. So freggin cute right? <3


Close up. Look at them its so tiny and so colourful. You can imagine the size by comparing them with my fingers :D Cuteness.

After party after that of course! at the very nostalgic place of ours, Gsix @ The Gardens Midvalley :D

with Lester and Vivian. Gosh after so long!

excuse my drunk face alright =/

The next day we went to i-city! Like after so long hearing bout this place I finally got a chance to visit :D Its so prettyyyy and the lights were uhhhmazinggg :D

so prettyy rightt? holymama!

Apple :D


and thats a real pony!

Well there are more pictures in facebook if you wana see more :D

Blog soon!