Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Hello :)
You know sometimes I wonder..why things don't come when you're expecting it to and then it suddenly appear when you have already started to forget about it? That's life ain't it?
Is it me or is it the rest that made me feel that I should quit and step back? Was is my problem?
You know how it feels when something keeps lingering in your mind and it seems impossible for you to reach it? So near..yet so far...

How was your weekend people?
Mine was totally awesome! I spent mine with the prince XD
Well since I don't have class every Friday so I went all the way down to Nilai to meet up with him coz I've decided to go back Ipoh this coming weekend and I've got nothing to do last weekend. This time we didn't go out much coz he's gonna sit for exam soon but it was fun after all. Had whole lot of quality time together! :))))
I'm surprised that someone is actually addicted to anime. Its a big No No to me coz I was never ever ever a fan of anime so it kinda gave me a fright when I had to watch that amount of anime. Crap. Must be influence from M!

lots of love hehe

And we had Italianese for dinner@The Gardens

Awesome Tomato Bruschetta

Its a humongous portion of linguine! omgwtf

Chicken and asparagus risotto

and of course a camwhoring picture of myself :)

Ah yes! My dear brother's birthday was last week and we celebrated his be-earlied birthday the week before in Penang before my semester commenced.

US!! <3

Haha yes I put on make up in Chili's =.= my doinky brother thinks its something worth capturing LOL how silly.

He was just posing haha. Wall up-ing the whole lamb shank? @.@

Mushroom Fajitas


oooh Greeeeeedy face caught!

The INFAMOUS CHOCOLATE MOLTEN CAKE!!! yummmmmmmmm I can have this like everyday its too addictive!

I think it makes the best birthday cake ever and my brother gave me a HIGH 5 for it!

Don't you think this picture is super cute? hahaha what a happy birthday boy :D

I love you gor! My life is so much more fun with you around! misshh you misshh you!

I tried out Neway today with my friends coz we all don't have class and end up we sang karaoke for almost 6 freggin hours! Like from 1.15pm till 7.05pm! It was really fun haha and I'm so gonna go there again :)
Can't wait go back Ipoh this weekend!

Monday, July 19, 2010



Love you so much and miss you heapssss! Can't wait to see you again :) SOON OKAY

Sunday, July 11, 2010

First day of Second year

Its first day of school. So excited to meet everyone again :)
I'm a second year junior now!
No more a freshie :)
Woke up sooooo early today and got ready so well to attend class but end up class canceled KNS!
We're having steamboat tonight wheeeee~ I'm so excited! Our dear lil friend from Beijing brought back steamboat soup base all the way from her hometown for us. We have this like quite often coz we are all crazy about steamboat. Well thats because the soup base from China is so damn awesome. Its so spicy and the ingredients in the soup base is so freggin generous.
Gonna shop for steamboat later after lecture :)

My coursemate yiling is my new roommate for this semester! How coincident!
I hope its gonna be fun XD

I miss partying @.@
pfft what was I thinking. Crap. I'm no party girl. Seriously. LOL.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Today was not the best day

I never thought of changing anything about my blog for the longest time ever but I stumbled upon the new functions blogger is providing and it started to get fun.
Pretty?? I think the colour combination looks so sweet and its like looking at a packet of cotton candy. So pink right. But I like wheeee~

So much for today. Seriously. I woke up at 6am in the morning and rushed back to Ipoh to attend grandpa's funeral which commenced at 10. It was totally not the best day for everyone in the family. Seeing everyone else beside you weeping and their tears rolling down their cheeks uncontrollably..I've never had such a sight before.
Seeing so many of my relatives breaking down is really really wrenching. I can't stop thinking the vision that I had this morning and the crying voices still lingers in my ears.
I'm glad everything went smoothly..but I am worried about grandma. I would really like to know what she has in mind. She hardly spoke anything today. She's too weak to show her emotions. I know she is still strong even though she's already 87 this year. :/
Mummy didn't sleep at all last night :( Today is the first time ever that I see her cry. I have not seen her cry in my entire life. She's one hella strong woman.

I'm leaving to Penang tomorrow. Back to the same lifestyle I had few months back. I have decided and I am not gonna look back! No regrets this time. Not kidding.
OH! I am staying at the 9th floor next semester..wonder what it will be like..staying so high up!

My semester break has been too good and I'm so glad it all went the way I wanted.
I managed to obtain some small achievements and I feel so blessed that I was supported by the people around me unconditionally. Those who have helped me throughout this period of time, THANK YOU SO MUCH. The thing that I didn't manage to do is to meet up with most people. Well there's still time I'll do something about it during the coming weekends!

A cheerful picture to cheer up this sad post.