Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year EVERYBODY!!!!
Sorry for the late wishes was busy these days =)
Chinese New Year was pretty fun for me this year..

Clubbing on the eve..

Visiting relatives on the first day from morning till evening then dinner at night and B's birthday celebration at midnight..

Second day visited the home of another O'Hara then accompany B the rest of the day as its his 21st birthday! He's a big guy now!

As for the third day which is today, visited relatives too and gambled for hours! I won money!! *muahahahhahahaha*

have fun people~
blog soon =D

Dear father in heaven, I pray that you will lay your healing hands on the ill ones and bless all of them, take away their worries and bless them with good health. May you grant them with happiness and bless them with unity. Amen.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

when your heart is filled with sorrow.....
everything blues..

Sunday, January 18, 2009

'I'm heavily broken........
and I don't know what to do...'


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I went for interview for another job the other day.
Interview went pretty fine and it did not mess up haha.
More details on it soon~

I'm tagged!

oh well..tagged by both A and S..
here goes..

A Picture of You at The Most Unique Environment

so uniquely jolly right? hehehehe

A Picture of You at The Place You Dislike

it stinks okayyyy!!! omg...yes the roller coaster it stinks to the max...made me changed my top=.=

A Picture Of People That Means A Lot To You

my family of course =)

and really great friends of more than 7 years!

and more really nice girlfriends( well you know who you are) who makes me laugh so much throughout these years!! You mean a lot to me tooo~!! I love you all <3

A Picture of You With Your Best Smile (Mouth Open)

sorry its blur...but i really like it! haha

A Picture Of You With Your Best Smile (Mouth Close)

A Picture Of You With The Lamest Pose

A Picture Of Someone That Stands On Top Of Your Heart

A Picture Of You With Some Toys or Cute Stuff

Haha okay about this. i really don't have a picture of me with a just take her as some cute stuff. She's cute of course isn't it?

A Picture Of You In White Shirt

then tag 10ppl n see their nice n not nice pic

3.Paik yen
6.Wai san
8.Yi Wei
9.Sik sik

Monday, January 12, 2009

Off day

I finally had the urge to do some exercise and get myself sweating an hour ago. I got ready by picking the right attire and tying up my hair properly wore my socks and get my towel ready...
So as I opened the door rain poured -____________-' wtheck!?
Miss Lady Luck was gone~....

I was bored today. Really unproductive day..
Monday blues as people usually say. It applies perfectly..
It is my off day and it should be exciting but sadly not. I woke up hella late-at 2pm almost. Ahh how embarrassing.
Oh yes I'm working now. At a diner-Brewster's.
If you people happen to drop by or get your meals there ask for me alright! =D

Well if you ask me 'How's work?'...I would say its fine Manageable for me. Nothing tough really. Except the part where you have to explain the dishes to customers on how it is cooked for whichever item they asked and remembering what are the haves and have nots for the day would be a little mind cracking. The kitchen changes everyday. For example they might have new dishes for today and maybe not selling anymore the next day. Haha.
No biggie anyway..

January..Its a month full of birthday celebrations many upcoming birthday celebrations. Dang!

I'm wishing for a prosperous year ahead.
Happy be-early Chinese New Year guys!! RAWRRR!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


something got into my eye =(
it hurts like holy cows...
its always my eyelashes I don't know why..
they always go into my eyes when they fall off....
you know I used to believe that when one lash falls there's someone missing you..thats what i heard from others...and I actually believed...haha
I remember there's one period of time where my lashes fall so so often..its the time before my Form 6 days started..hmmm weird....

Monday, January 5, 2009

Nadia oh Nadia...haha
yes people I'm here to blog about Nadia
She had been really crazy these days staying up VERY late almost every night going cuckoo with the guitar hero =.=
So we had been chatting recently through webcam and mic and she thought that her webcam has this really cool function and she decided to show it off to me...thinking that she could perform 'magic' haha but mine was wayyyy cooler than hers! AHA!
She said she want it too and she downloaded Webcam Max lol and we had whole lots of fun playing with it...wheeee~

I took quite a number of snap shots of her with effects haha lemme show you..

This was her favourite..haha

Look like her very much ain't it?


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Countdown to 2009!

So....! I was in HOUZ last night...
Reached there at hour later than my friends haha..
Had sooooo much fun hehehehehe
So coincident that my brother and friends were just next table!
I had a couple of glass of wine before I went HOUZ coz went for wedding dinner...those unbelievably on 'high' uncles kept refilling my glass and kept asking me to cheers with them...gahh end up I drank more than I should have till my cheeks and chest went all red and people must be thinking that I'm sucha drinker coz I look like a drunkard=.=...RAWR!!

Everyone were so crazy last night...or I should say this morning I mean..
p/s: except me!

opps amy missing in action..

We're normal!

One hour later.....................

Ok she's not........She's on high haha

Let's share...hehe

Move it!...I'll have it alll muahahahahaha!

They're more pictures to come...waiting for A to send them to me...

Oh ya lemme show you something...remember the guardian angel tattoo I mentioned the guy has it on his back? ngeeee~ I have a picture of it heeeee~

ain't it coool??whoa!