Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm tagged!

oh well..tagged by both A and S..
here goes..

A Picture of You at The Most Unique Environment

so uniquely jolly right? hehehehe

A Picture of You at The Place You Dislike

it stinks okayyyy!!! omg...yes the roller coaster it stinks to the max...made me changed my top=.=

A Picture Of People That Means A Lot To You

my family of course =)

and really great friends of more than 7 years!

and more really nice girlfriends( well you know who you are) who makes me laugh so much throughout these years!! You mean a lot to me tooo~!! I love you all <3

A Picture of You With Your Best Smile (Mouth Open)

sorry its blur...but i really like it! haha

A Picture Of You With Your Best Smile (Mouth Close)

A Picture Of You With The Lamest Pose

A Picture Of Someone That Stands On Top Of Your Heart

A Picture Of You With Some Toys or Cute Stuff

Haha okay about this. i really don't have a picture of me with a just take her as some cute stuff. She's cute of course isn't it?

A Picture Of You In White Shirt

then tag 10ppl n see their nice n not nice pic

3.Paik yen
6.Wai san
8.Yi Wei
9.Sik sik

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