Monday, December 28, 2009

How was your Christmas?

I'm back in uni now and I'm happy to say that I'm starting back my healthy lifestyle again. Compared to my lifestyle in Ipoh it is so much better because in Ipoh I usually sleep really late because I didn't have to worry about waking up early the next morning and I ate so much for my meals back in Ipoh.

I got my results for the previous semester and it was satisfying. Phew. My timetable for this semester is totally horrible! I have class to attend as late as 8.oo pm every Thursday night. How absurd =.= and I have 9.00am class on Mondays and my class ends at 7.00pm on Fridays. Grr..It simply means that I don't have long weekends for this semester :(

New year is here again. Time really flies like woooosh! I'm going back to Ipoh to celebrate new year! I shall have a blast this time since I did not enjoy much the past few new years. Everyone should be like gugugagawoohoo! during new year's celebration coz everyone should have a good start in every year!

My christmas was not bad. As usual there were turkey, lamb, pasta, salad, wine and champagne for lunch at the O'Hara's. I got to know so much about my family history during lunch but its difficult to digest so much information and names at the same time haha =.=
And the night before christmas I went to two parties, one which is not so fun haha. Sorry for being too honest but I wasn't really enjoying my time. Maybe we should do something more fun next year!

Camwhoring has not been my thing since a while ago. But with the christmas hat on who could resist that??? HAHA.

They are off to Langkawi WITHOUT ME :( I don't wana be left out :(

I'm so glad I've found you, or I should put it I'm so glad that we know each other now. I never knew that you would acknowledge me. I'm really really very glad that we could know each other much better now. It meant a lot to me when you first talked to me knowing that I finally get the chance to be a part of your life. It feels so warm when I knew that you care. "

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Birthday Part 3!

Its so late to blog about my birthday anymore but I really really wana share this haha.
My awesome friends, Eunice, ChingMun, Sik sik and Nadia baked cupcakes for me. OMG so pretty right?? I din expect them to bake like seriously haha so happy wheeeee~ I can't stop smiling everytime I look at the cupcakes :D

"WE LOVE CIARA" it says haha. Awww I love you all tooooo <3

I totally went awww *heart melts* when I see these cupcakes. :)

Look at the stupid ass trying to ruin almost all of my pictures =.=

I was soooo sooo happy haha thank you again girls. And thank you for the enormous card and presents toooooooo. So sweet of you seriously. :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Birthday Part 2!

Today is my 20th birthday!
Did not have a blast just a quiet celebration with him :)

Ok I looked so...stoned zzz

From him :)

Thank you dear <3 love love

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I had a be earlied birthday celebration [which was unexpected] two days back. Thank you so much Vivian and Paik Yen, both of you are such sweethearts to me. Dinner was horrible I'm so sorry for choosing this location =( We shall have a better dinner together soon alright?

Yin yee and I =)

My two wonderful friends. Love you both so much!

Oh the tradition thingy. The birthday girl has to pull out the candles with her mouth

Headed to bar room next. It was really really fun. Glow in the dark party was totally awesome.


Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! You guys are early! Its not even my birthday yet but still thank you so much!
Love love <3

Friday, December 4, 2009

No money no honey

Hello there [yeah finally, after so long]
I'm so sorry for the hiatus due to laziness.
So now that I'm in Ipoh there's not much to do where I'll finally get my blog updated sooner or later haha. My boredom state is already at peak fyi. I've got NO job. Hence it just simply means no income :(

After my finals I was as relaxed as ever. I did not come back to Ipoh right after it because I had to wait for the Penang Bridge Marathon which was few days later. So shopping it was. Did not manage to get stuff that I wanted tho. Will try again before my next semester commences for sure. Anyway for the marathon I only joined the 10km as a try out plus I had no time at all to train up my stamina for 21km. Seriously my ligamens will tear and my nuts and bolts will just drop off if I ran 21km without any training or whatsoever. Hope I'll be able to join the 21km category next year =)

Most of the people joining the 10km category were practically walking rather than running. Its the 'Fun run' category but it doesn't mean joining for fun and not bothering right? So many of them were just walking and blocking the way! but seriously 'fun run' is really not a nice name for that category. Its so unmotivating! [if this word actually exists] LOL. And I got this free bag from Digi, its pretty ugly. Seriously. Boy I sound so ungrateful. I should appreciate, its a free gift! Overall it was fun actually and its something worth doing again.

Last weekend I was in Kl. Not for fun actually.
Did a bit of shopping and this and that like what other people usually do when they are in KL.

This was taken in Pavilion. Pretty ain't it?

Had teppanyaki and it was good. Salmon is awesome and thats our lamb too.

Jap food in 1U

And last Saturday night I was in The Curve, met up with Miss Chin Pot Pot after like 496709347192658945 years. That little biatch is still as nonsensical as ever HAHA. After that I went to the library. Yeah to 'study'. LOL

Environment was good. I would give it a 8, two points minus for the huge ass tables and chairs which made everyone so difficult to move about during peak hour or else it'll be a superb place to hang out and you know... 'study'?

I've not camwhored for the longest time ever! I don't have any decent recent picture of myself. I was in exam trauma and I've been hiding from the camera ever since. Geez this shall end. I have to be normal.

I was eyeing on colour lenses the whole night yesterday. IMHO it sucks emotions out of people's eyes. Like seriouslyyyyy....BUT BUT but...its so pretty I just can't help it. Sigh~

p/s: I need a job. Someone please hire me.