Monday, December 28, 2009

How was your Christmas?

I'm back in uni now and I'm happy to say that I'm starting back my healthy lifestyle again. Compared to my lifestyle in Ipoh it is so much better because in Ipoh I usually sleep really late because I didn't have to worry about waking up early the next morning and I ate so much for my meals back in Ipoh.

I got my results for the previous semester and it was satisfying. Phew. My timetable for this semester is totally horrible! I have class to attend as late as 8.oo pm every Thursday night. How absurd =.= and I have 9.00am class on Mondays and my class ends at 7.00pm on Fridays. Grr..It simply means that I don't have long weekends for this semester :(

New year is here again. Time really flies like woooosh! I'm going back to Ipoh to celebrate new year! I shall have a blast this time since I did not enjoy much the past few new years. Everyone should be like gugugagawoohoo! during new year's celebration coz everyone should have a good start in every year!

My christmas was not bad. As usual there were turkey, lamb, pasta, salad, wine and champagne for lunch at the O'Hara's. I got to know so much about my family history during lunch but its difficult to digest so much information and names at the same time haha =.=
And the night before christmas I went to two parties, one which is not so fun haha. Sorry for being too honest but I wasn't really enjoying my time. Maybe we should do something more fun next year!

Camwhoring has not been my thing since a while ago. But with the christmas hat on who could resist that??? HAHA.

They are off to Langkawi WITHOUT ME :( I don't wana be left out :(

I'm so glad I've found you, or I should put it I'm so glad that we know each other now. I never knew that you would acknowledge me. I'm really really very glad that we could know each other much better now. It meant a lot to me when you first talked to me knowing that I finally get the chance to be a part of your life. It feels so warm when I knew that you care. "

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