Sunday, January 30, 2011

Am in Ipoh

Hello hello i'm back in Ipoh! :D
Chinese New Year break is always the happiest break! but I've not started to enjoy my CNY break yet because I've been working part time in Parkson the day right after I came back but its only for 3 days! So only one more day to go and I'll be free!
While working I managed to bump into so many old friends and its a really chance to get to see them again :) Hopefully the last day will be a good one!

Guess what is the first nostalgic thing I had as soon as I reached Ipoh? Haha..

A&W Rootbeer Float.

My cuteness brother was craving for it so I agreed and we went all the way to station 18 just to have it @.@

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


A shout out to the *ahem* cutest thing on planet *cough cough*


I've decided to put this picture up because its the one and ONLY picture with a cute pose of you which I have haha. You're hardly pose like this so yeah I should show everyone this picture of yours :D

Have a wonderful 23rd Birthday sweetheart!
May you grow wiser but not older! :D

Lots of LOVE from me!

This is a very memorable picture for me. I will always remember the day this picture was taken :)
And sweetheart, THANK YOU again for the self-made cake you made for me. Its the very first I ever received! :) Its the best cake I've ever had.

Happy Happy Birthday again big boy!

*cough cough*

I started coughing last night and I realize it was uncontrollable already when I couldn't control the coughs while I was on the phone.
Then I woke up this morning feeling like there's a big stone weighing on my chest and I can feel the nasal blockage which is giving me a huge depression.
I went to class as usual and still feeling alright with just a few coughs occasionally.
After dinner I came back to my room and I was dizzy as hell I had to lie down.
Took a 3 hours nap with the discomfort of my throat still haunting me.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend in KL

I always wonder how life would be and how will my days go by if I'm not here studying in Penang. Its a very distinctive turning point for me where I meet new people and doing different things and learning different things here. I'm glad that I'm here actually. Somehow its really a very good thing and I will sometimes feel its somehow whats best especially when I compare it with other things that could have came to me. Blah.

I attended an interview today and some questions really make me question myself a lot after the session. I really need to make my visions clearer!

So, I was in Selangor/ KL during the weekend. It was a good one and its been so long since I last had such quality time :D


Opps flash overload..

And we went all the way to Klang to try Bak Kut Teh which they are famous for. Seriously Bak Kut Teh shops are scattered everywhere in Klang! Its really amazing.

And its different from the ones that I used to have all the while. Its not served in a claypot, the gravy is so damn precious that when you order for extra gravy they only give two freggin tablespoons =.=' and only certain parts of the swine comes with mushroom. For example if you are taking only lean meat then there will be no mushroom but when you order knuckles then mushroom comes together. Weird.
I shall not comment about the worthwhileness of driving almost an hour for this particular meal. =.=

On a random note, did you know drinking too much water is not really doing good for your health? It will actually flush away the sodium content in your body and hence will cause confusion and fatigue.
I saw this when I was in the plane and I guess its good to be thirsty once in a while? :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Post Mortem

A great news I would really like to share! I'm still having shopaphobic. How awesome is that =.='
I'm still afraid to step into any shops which sells clothes....especially FOREVER 21!

Okay let me make it clear.
The picture of my loot in my previous post are only stuff that I got ONLY from Forever 21 and I've been visiting there every single day for 4 days straight like its a routine!

I still have a stack of new clothes which I bought from Melbourne during my trip. How can I resist it where the sales were crazyyyyy especially during Boxing Day! We even woke up early on purpose just to shop. If I'm not mistaken we woke up at freggin 7am to go shopping because malls were opened at 5am. Even when I thought we were early we were actually NOT! We reached around 8am and the parking lot is already FULL! Can you imagine that? We went to Chadstone in Caulfield, Vic which is the largest shopping complex in Victoria and the parking lot is already full by 8am @.@
So yeah thats the situation during Boxing Day in Aussie. Pretty amazing.

I don't even dare counting my total expenses on my clothes. I could make a rough guess thats why I'm so scared @.@ Holy mama.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Confession

I have a confession to make.
I'm having shopaphobia at the moment. I don't know how long will it last but I hope and I'll pray this will last for at least a month [I doubt that =.=, probably the shopaphobia thing will fade away by next week. OH NO!] I've never felt this way before. Wtf.

I spent so much on shopping and I couldn't stop myself from buying *smacks forehead*
When I told my mom about me shopping before classes and after classes I got the nag of my life [HAHA exaggeration, she nagged me a bit but its the longest nag I've had since last year]

Errr...Here is my loot @.@ *shy*


According to April..I'm making a confession of a shopaholic. Wtf.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Relaxing yet exciting Melbourne trip!

Hello there! Sorry for the hiatus again!! I was too lazy to blog about my Melbourne trip last week and was away to Genting Highlands to watch 黄子华 again during the weekend :D
Yesterday I've been travelling in a moving vehicle for more than 6 hours from Genting to Ipoh then Ipoh to Penang non stop. It nearly killed me due to the dizziness and the nauseating ride =.=' End up I couldn't sleep at night and I was on the bed till past 3am. It was such an endurance seriously. By the way tt was sooooo freggin cold in Genting Highlands. Its been so long since I experienced such cold in Genting Highlands.

I should blog about my trip to Melbourne before it gets too overdue again. My trip to Melbourne was awesome and it is so far one of the best trips I've had. Its relaxing and yet exciting :)
There are too much write about if I were to write about every single thing that happened. So I'll just bomb you with pictures and let them do the talking! :D

This was taken in Crown casino and this lil kombi van is so freggin cute!

Us having Max Brenner hot chocolate :D

Beer session in noon haha

The yummiest gelato ever! Every single flavour is so tempting! I didn't get a chance to try green tea flavour :( and and and durian was the BOMB!


MART, breakfast place in Albert Park

Poached eggs on toast with smoked salmon!

Corn Fritter


Santa and I in Docklands

At Footscray market

Vietnamese Bread. Its really good and I might say its better than the one I tasted when I was in Vietnam haha.

At William's town

At the pier in William's town

I was brought to try Indonesian food. Its really really good actually. This is my rendang beef

Beef penyet

and Ikan penyet

In Botanical garden

Federation Square :D

This was taken in Victoria Harbour on Christmas day where the city looks like a dead city. It was so quiet out there. I guess everyone does their celebration at home :)

Macaroons from Brunetti

We stopped by Shelly beach when we were on out way to Venus Bay to collect lala.

Venus Bay!

and look at the amount of lala that we collected! I totally think this amount can serve 30pax or it can last us for a week!

South Melbourne Market

Carrum beach! <3

we had so much fun at the beach. I was so tired after playing ball with that two monkeys haha.

Laurent- recommended for pastries and desserts. The desserts were fine didn't impress me much tho.

The Pancake Parlour!!

where they serve the most orgasmic short stack ever! I can never get bored of this. I had so many of this throughout my trip.

Thats briefly about my trip. There are many more pictures in my Facebook that I did not post here. Go check them out! :) It takes a lot of time posting pictures here thats why I cut off a lot of pictures =/

I shall take my lunch now and get my laundry done!
Blog soon!