Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Towards the end

Hey people!
Its July now and yeah I last posted something was in May. Pathetic I know.

Life's good during the holidays for me. I'm really enjoying things that happened during this year break. Two and a half months..its a really long holiday huh? Next week will be my last week of holidays. I'm gonna enjoy myself to the max!

I went Vietnam in May with my family and it was really fun. They have a very different culture and a lot of unique things you could encounter there. I visited both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. Hanoi is more underdeveloped compared to Ho Chi Minh city but both is fun! Its nothing similar to the other countries I've visited so far. I'm not in the mood to upload pictures here coz it will take forever to get them uploaded so you could visit my facebook to view them :) Leave a comment or click like if you like any of them alright :)

Just a random thought, If a girl is offered to be paid for you think the girl should be flattered or feel insulted? haha

And do you know how does it feel to be disappointed again and again? Do you know how it feels when there's high hopes on something or someone and yet you always get disappointed?
It sucks to the max.