Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Good evening everyone!
Well I've been so busy with things and everything I couldn't afford to spend my time blogging so hence the LONG hiatus again. My apologies.

I shall put up some random pictures to entertain you :)

With my roomie :) and this is the last picture of me having straight hair :)

Yes this is my new hair! hehehaha :D

with ysy at Mois :) Awesome night with her!

him <3

Can't wait for semester break! Off to Thailand again! wheeeeee~!
and girlsss lets boomboompow! :D

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Procrastinator champion?

Its such a busy week plus bus services in uni has stopped due to the convocation week which will be held until Sunday. Walking to classes seriously is not a problem for me which takes maybe prolly 25 to 40 minutes depending on the location. BUT walking under the giant 'spotlight' is really a big problem. I'll be sweating like holycrap after walking bout 10 minutes :(

There's an assignment to hand in the morning and a solo presentation later in the evening tomorrow. Procrastinating sucks but yet I still repeat my mistakes even though it hit me so badly in the past. Thats life right? Apparently everyone around me behaves the same. HAHA.

I'm supposed to get ready for my presentation right now but I'm just not in the mood so here I am.....blogging.
I had a talk with S today. It made me realize a lot of things happen for a reason and certain things will not happen if we refuse to let it happen [well not that I don't know about this but I'm saying this because I am not the kind that will always say no]. Of course, determination needed. We talk a lot bout life recently I can say..topics differ as we get older? haha OH NO!

Let me talk about a couple of happenings around me recently.
1. I went for Clinique makeover where they had this cooperation with Cleo Magazine and they visit various tertiary education institutions all over Peninsular Malaysia in the month of July. We need to pay RM30 to get our hair done, make up, photo shoot and the best shot will be developed for us at the size of 4R. You can view my facebook for more pictures to have a clearer picture of the event...but most of the pictures are my camwhore pictures=.=' typical Asian I know.
Just a picture to show you the result hehe..and again..more pictures in facebook! :D

2. I spent my weekend in Ipoh again haha. Yea I'm the champion of PBSM(pelajar balik setiap minggu) and I went back just for the sake of going back and not staying in USM. :p My family brought me to Berlin which is newly opened in Greentown. Meantime its full house almost every night I heard. They serve German food like the infamous pork knuckle and German sausage. Food is alright not beyond satisfactory but ambiance is good. Perfect place for drinkers and definitely a place to chill out. They serve a lot of liquor, beer and wine and even champagne. I tried a few German beers and a few cocktails. Cocktails are not recommended personally hahahaha. Should pick any German beer if you wana drink there but I'm not sure which is the best. I realized a lot customers chose Stella Artois.

Here's a picture of the pork knucle. This is half portion. Asparagus salad is not included. We ordered seperately and added on :) The meat is tender and fine but I feel it will be better if the skin could taste better.

I did not opt for German sausage instead I ordered Pork and cheese burger. The pork patties is so damn juicy! No regrets LOL. I shall try German sausage next.

A picture of myself to end this post heee~ excuse the bad lighting please XD

Have a wonderful week ahead you people!
Lots of love from me!