Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blood Red

I love the view of my fingers typing with blood red nails. Weird I know. Haha.

Ahh what do I do now.
I've completed my assignments, report, and quiz which all fell on this particular week.
This will be seriously a 'what-a-week' thing.
Its the busiest week ever and yet one of the most enjoying week.
Sunday I had the best family bonding time, Monday to Wednesday was busy as hell with all the things that I had to do which was priorly listed. Thursday (today) and Friday I'm totally free and I'm still thinking how to occupy my time. Saturday and Sunday will be in Genting. Haha.
Most importantly this coming Sunday I'm heading back to Ipoh again!

Its study week next week. Its not gonna be a partypartypartyeveryday time.
I gotta kick my own ass to get myself to open my books and read every fuckinarticle in the books.
Talking about books. Anyone seen my advertising book? Its gone. Damn where did I misplace it.

I realized that I do not have recent pictures of me for the longest time ever. I used to be such a camera whore and I take pictures no matter where I go and no matter who I am out with. Where has the camera whore gone to? Me iz now no no camera whore T.T Me haz no no pwettty pictures. wtf.

One of the most recent pictures that I have is this.
My roommate and I managed to stack up so much of salad in the tiny bowl provided by Pizza Hut last week during lunch. :) Pro? Haha. I must say we're getting better on this already. Do date us for Pizza if you want a lot of salad!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Short rants

I just had a soliloquy with S. WTF and FML.
I can't bear keeping things to myself and I'm so used to have her to listen everytime.

Seriously why do I keep feeling disrespected?

I just finished doing 'quizzes' bout an hour ago. Been working on it since like what 5pm? and its already 1am now. Its such a long day.
Time passes too slowly today. Just today because I always feel 24 hours is too little time for a day. It should be 36hours a day or something.

Again I shall continue with my assignment now.

Good night!

Bruno Mars

I've got a reminder to commemorate how things have come this far and how well things have become. Well its great that things manage to come this far but not all that came this far are still great. I wished things could stay the same.

On a brighter note I am much much emotionally stable now. Thank you for those who came looking for me randomly to check if i'm okay. I really felt so loved and being cared for. What do I do without you? Seriously.

I'm just an ordinary girl who needs attention, respect, to feel loved and of course to be loved. I'm just an ordinary girl who dreams to be somebody's princess like every other girl.
Who doesn't?
I am not the kind that can bear not having attention from the people that I want attention from. Scary much? Hopefully if you're reading this you won't think "Thank gawd I'm not one of them". Nahh but I totally won't bitch about it and I won't behave like a bitchy 'LOA'. I will stay cool haha.

I've been listening to Bruno Mars for the past 4 hours. Its too addictive. I'm totally the kind that will keep looping the same few songs again and again for the longest time ever if I'm in love with that few songs or that one particular song. It doesn't make me bored. I just love repeating it.

I was totally flattered today someone stared at me with dreamy eyes. ROFLMAO. Perasan max. *smacks own forehead*

Have a great week ahead people!
Gotta carry on with my workload which is piling up like a tower.
For the very very very first time ever I actually feel good to be busy.


Sunday, October 24, 2010


Being grateful over something can be shown through many ways.
Choosing the most expensive restaurant in town to show gratefulness is not necessary at all.
Something fishy is going on.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Yes its 1095 today.

Its been a long journey with you.
A long and tough but sweet journey with you.
So much of memories.
So much of obstacles.
So much of joy.
So much of tears.
So much of fear.
So much of laughter.
So much of comfort.
So much of experience.
How is it possible that you'll be forgotten?
How is it possible that you'll be given up easily?

Our path ahead is blurry.
Our path ahead is not a red carpet.
Our path ahead is definitely not solid tar.
But I will still take a step forward.

Your palms.
Your broad shoulders.
Your cute face.
Your comfy chest.
Your everything.
I miss them all.

Happy Anniversary sweetheart.
I miss you.


What would we be now if I wasn't there the day I met you. Will we even end up like this if I didn't make a move or even gave in. I am doubting my decision. I doubt my feelings. I don't know who I can trust now. I am just so helpless. I've never felt this way for such a long time. Everything seem to be in a mess and nothing feels right. Screw that. FML moment. I need an exit.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Crying over a happy song being played.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My way

Its a fact that everyone is greedy. I'm no exceptional. Most people will have thoughts like "I want this I want that" and they will never have enough. Its not an unusual thing to be greedy but its how greedy you can be differs yourself from others. I guess I should lower my greed and be more grateful of what I have now. I'm all good and fine now. Why ask for more? Why take so much trouble to gain more and more when what is available is more than enough, right?

Its a rainy Wednesday and I miss rainy days. It gives me a reason to wear long sleeves which I actually adore but I can't endure being warm and sweaty so thats why I hardly wear them. Not today either. I did not step out of my room since I woke up at 12.00pm today. I couldn't get up when the alarm rang hence I skipped my lecture. Its not really a class that I think its worth going thus I didn't mind skipping it even though I set my alarm the night before to wake me up for class. My actions are actually ironic. Haha yes.

My thoughts have been running wildly in my head today. Thinking about a lot of things that are going on and what do I have to do to escape from this pathetic situation I am in. I'm now such a mess [academic wise]. I need motivation. I need inspiration. But still I need A LOT of entertainment which totally kills me [mentally]. I want things to go my way all the time, I want things that I like to be around me all the time, I want people that I like to be around me and I want to do things that I like to do always! You see greed in me now, don't you? Yes I am like that. Pathetic.

I've been looking through a lot of old pictures and I found these!
Thats Vivian and I hahaha good ol' times :)

and the noisy people back in school. Look at how much we have all changed! Geez..

This is the only picture of us in tuition that I have =.=' Tuition moments are the most unforgettable ones. We laugh so much during tuition and thats like the best part during school life. Look at Siksik, the girl of skin and bones and thats me in the middle and Meiwenn, the pervert girl and the naughty one big time. Then I found this!

Its her masterpiece obviously. Thank you Meiwenn for the ornaments on my face. =.='

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Bright Monday

When everyone says 'Monday Blues', to my surprise this Monday of mine is actually quite a good day for me! Monday is finally treating me well? Haha.
I'm so damn relieved that my research paper is finally completed and all of a sudden everything just feels right. Psychology huh?

Today I finally felt that I finally have my own time to do thing that I wanted to do like taking my own sweet time to jog, spend hours for dinner and even watch a movie in my room which I have not been doing these for quite some time.

Anyway this week is Sushi King's members' week! We're gonna gobble up loads of sushi together tomorrow I can't wait! It will be our second time doing this together :D Thinking about smoked salmon makes me drool like a greedy dog =.='
This was what happened during the last Sushi Bonanza

On a random note, there was a humongous lizard in our room just now and it was moving so quickly! My roommate and I were screaming our lungs out [opps *blushing*] and damn now its no where to be soon. I hope it's already out of our room :( On the bright note we're now all calm and singing to ourselves already LOL.

Yesterday was 10th of October 2010 which makes the date looked so special 10.10.10 and I see a lot bloggers blogged about it. Even Babygirl Hani made a real interesting post from it and she looked so cute and 'chinese' with her straight hair back in 2006 ahax :D but one person told me, "if you look at this date from another point of view there's really nothing so special about it because a lot claimed that it's only gonna happen once in our lifetime...but all the other days are the same too they will never repeat and we will go through all days only once in our lifetime too" haha got me really speechless for how critical this person can be but its true. So yeah we seriously gotta appreciate whatever that come and go in our life coz things are hardly gonna repeat in life. Even if they do it might not be the same anymore.

You know you don't need to be told that you're not forgotten all the time to see that you're actually being forgotten or not. You should know deep down whether you're really forgotten. Getting upset all the time just because you don't like to hear what you hear and being too pessimistic will deteriorate a lot of things in life. This does not only apply to love but it applies to a lot of aspects in live. Being too sensitive over what people say to you or say about you is not good. Well everyone knows that but most of them tend to forget. Why let yourself to only gain confidence from other people?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cloud 9

The happiest girl around!

Tamia: Officially Missing You

..."from the sweet things you told me to the way that you hold me"...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oh! Sushi

OH Sushi!
It's one of the newest Japanese restaurant in Ipoh I reckon :) Its located at De Garden which is now one of the most popular place to hang out in Ipoh? Well yea after the opening of Airport, Strawberry moment and even Shabu-Shabu it became 'the hang out spot' in Ipoh :D
Went there with family two weeks back to try out. The food is not bad but I personally think its tad bit pricey than the other Japanese restaurants in Ipoh that serves similar food.
The interior is pretty and they do have the sushi belt as well!

Here are some pictures of the food that I tried :D

This wagyu beef set is awesome! The beef was served in perfection.

I also tried the salmon and nato beans. Salmon was good but the nato beans really got me feeling disgusted when I had too much of them @.@

Toodles! <3

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just the way I am

I am so addicted to the song 'Just the way you are' by Bruno Mars.
I would cry if someone sings that song to me.
Touches my heart max for sure.
........................if only he tells me that I'm amazing just the way I am...

p/s: I wonder what it feels like having you staring at me with dreamy eyes :) I never had that before.

A random thought: Why do some people like to pretend that they're dumb? =.='

Monday, October 4, 2010

Paintball or Painball?

I think guys are the most horrible species ever. They claimed that they are easy but in fact they are not. They say girls are difficult but they are way more complicated than girls. They want more they want it perfect and they want everything to go their way! There is no such thing as 'perfect' okay. They all want a dog, a slave and a voice recorder!

Its difficult to act the way others want it and not being yourself. Its difficult to pretend that things are okay when you yourself are not exactly feeling comfortable with the things that are actually happening. Its horrible to always be left doubtful, feelings unexpressed and words unspoken.

Its been so long since I last put up such an emotional post here. I am now less expressive compared to the times I remember when I started blogging where most of my words were my silly rants with vulgar words and screams of joy for the smallest jolly thing that happened in my daily life. Yeah.

Anyway back to the topic. I went for paintball yesterday back in Silibin, Ipoh. It was my first time and undeniable its really really fun when it gets more challenging after a few first trial rounds minus the hot sun and the sweat. Its really about accuracy, the skills to hide yourself and speed! I used to love outdoors but as soon as I left school I did not really go for anymore outdoor activities except swimming and jogging which most of the time is not with my friends. Paintball is definitely what we should do when everyone is back! The more the merrier seriously! I was so excited that I went for paintball till I had to Ping! S about it haha. Can't wait for her to be back!

Its Painball more like it yeah?