Monday, October 4, 2010

Paintball or Painball?

I think guys are the most horrible species ever. They claimed that they are easy but in fact they are not. They say girls are difficult but they are way more complicated than girls. They want more they want it perfect and they want everything to go their way! There is no such thing as 'perfect' okay. They all want a dog, a slave and a voice recorder!

Its difficult to act the way others want it and not being yourself. Its difficult to pretend that things are okay when you yourself are not exactly feeling comfortable with the things that are actually happening. Its horrible to always be left doubtful, feelings unexpressed and words unspoken.

Its been so long since I last put up such an emotional post here. I am now less expressive compared to the times I remember when I started blogging where most of my words were my silly rants with vulgar words and screams of joy for the smallest jolly thing that happened in my daily life. Yeah.

Anyway back to the topic. I went for paintball yesterday back in Silibin, Ipoh. It was my first time and undeniable its really really fun when it gets more challenging after a few first trial rounds minus the hot sun and the sweat. Its really about accuracy, the skills to hide yourself and speed! I used to love outdoors but as soon as I left school I did not really go for anymore outdoor activities except swimming and jogging which most of the time is not with my friends. Paintball is definitely what we should do when everyone is back! The more the merrier seriously! I was so excited that I went for paintball till I had to Ping! S about it haha. Can't wait for her to be back!

Its Painball more like it yeah?

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