Monday, September 27, 2010

I am the lucky one

I have always been the 'lucky' kid in class since I started schooling..say even before schooling! Nursery maybe? I'm not sure. It is indeed a horrible fact that I am always 'the kid' in class. My name has always been one of the favourite names to be called. The most talkative one, the one who laugh the loudest, the one who sleeps, the one who did not pay attention, the one who did not do homework even? haha. You name it. Well now it even happens in uni. Amazing right? I schhhwear I behave damn well in class now compared to my secondary school times. I seldom talk, I pay attention most of the time and well maybe sometimes I will be busy pressing some gadgets but not to the level where it is noticeable I reckon? Haha.

What I actually wanted to say is..the nostalgic feeling from my school days hit me today and it brought me back to the memories of my school days..the days when I was younger :) The good ol' times with the clan and the family, the endless laughters we used to have from dawn till evening..those are really priceless!

I'm so glad I went for a jog today. It totally made me feel better when the ache in my head went off right away after sweating and the feeling of calories burning in me is really orgasmic. I was so lucky to get back on time because as soon as I reached my hostel entrance it started raining. While I was still jogging the sky darkened and the clouds looked like they were chasing each other and they invited Mr.Thunder along the run. Scary. The wind was so strong that when I was jogging all I could hear was the sound of the wind hitting my eardrum and my ponytail kept swaying to one direction.
The weather is not being friendly these days. It has been raining almost everyday during the evening and has caused me not exercising for almost 3 weeks. Ok not exactly is the weather's fault. I did not work out when I was back in Ipoh for my mid semester break. LOL.

Again I shall promise myself to practice my exercise routine always!

p/s: I miss you mom, and I love you.

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