Monday, September 20, 2010

The Strawberry Moment!

My holiday has ended and I think time passes too quickly especially during the holidays!
I wish I have 36 hours a day. With that the time to party will be so much longer.
I'm missing my girlfriends so much!

So yeah I am so relieved that I finally passed up my assignment which was due today and I hardly had enough sleep for the past two days.
You know the feeling when you totally don't have enough sleep, feeling dizzy, feeling like passing out when you think hard or use your brain too much and when you look up at something beyond your eye level and then look down after that the pain strikes in your brain so hard. Yea I have those when I don't get enough sleep.

Two more assignments pending. Screw that.

Strawberry Moment! A nice place to hang out with friends with nice ambiance and quite a variety of wonderful strawberry desserts to be served! Recommended to those who love strawberries [like me!]

Strawberry strudel :)

Passion fruit frosty!

Strawberries crepe with ice cream!

I'm looking forward to try more desserts from there :)

I'm having a sweet tooth lately. Craving so much for desserts and cakes especially.
Bought myself some chocolates from the bangkok trip to pamper myself at home during the holiday. Haha. Fattening yes I know. Shall promise myself to keep up the work outs!

Bendicks' is not bad, Jack Daniels is good but the rum and raisin is totally addictive!!!


hanyee said...

omg where's that strawberry place! i love strawberries max!! KL got ah?

and u like rum and raisin too!! FIVEEE! <3

Ciara said...

Geeeeeez!!! April i never knew you read my blog! @.@
Its in ipoh i'm not sure if they have it in KL.
Hahaha yes the rum and raisin yummy max!