Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Ipoh girl is back

I'm back in Ipoh people!
Sorry for the hiatus :) its not that I just reached but I couldn't blog as soon as I got back due to no access to the internet.
Ipoh welcomed me warmly and its feels so good to be home.
The feeling of slacking and watching movie all day with nothing to worry about is totally awesome.

I'm feeling the itch of baking already! It comes to me every holidays.
I shall find the time to bake as soon as I can :)

I have one hella long shopping list but I couldn't get them all yet its out of my afford-ability =/
I'm not that loaded so I need to sort out my priorities.
I shall behave and shop no more.
I regretted shopping on the last day of my exam. Shit!

Cameron Highlands on Tuesday YAY!
Birthday next next Tuesday!
and Melbourne next next Wednesday! YAY again! <3>

OHYES! I totally have to blog about this. I met my long lost relative last week in the midst of my finals. I've heard about him from Aunt Annie quite some time ago and I never thought I could actually meet him. He initiated our communication which was first from Facebook [reminds me of the movie "The Social Network" and automatically the phrase 'I'm the CEO,bitch!' came to my mind haha] and then to phone calls and even SMS-es and we finally met up. He's 60, but he's my second cousin!
Well I come from a really big family same goes to both maternal and paternal side but the latter is wayyyyy bigger. My grandfather and his grandfather are brothers but the age gap was big. Its about 20 years gap [I guess?] which totally explains our age gap. Our grandfathers have 15 siblings in total! Its a lot I know.
I'm so glad that we met and I got to know so many stories about my family! Its really a story worth telling and the best part is I'm part of the story haha. The feeling of seeing my name included in the printed humongous family tree is just fuhhhhh I don't know how to put it in words!

On a random note, J.Co yogurt is my current favourite and obsession!

Wonderful memories of you and me :)

I shall go to lala land now it's gonna be a long day tomorrow!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Welcome Friday!

Last paper tomorrow morning!
I'm excited!
But I've not started packing my stuff. I'm worried. I have a feeling there will be one whole load of stuff and its gonna scare me.
But still...Can't wait for tomorrow! :D

Anyway I had the most dreadful morning ever. Been working out answers for tomorrow's paper since last night till 7.30am this morning @.@ and we continued after waking up at 2pm.
Its my first time ever witnessing sunrise from my desk in hostel. Blahh.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Say NO to animal cruelty!

I can't believe its still a weekend. I'm hoping time will pass faster this week and it becomes slower next week. Hahahahaha.
I can't wait for the next weekend to come!

Oh ya! I watched a video from facebook a while ago, its such a mothafuckin brutal video!!!
I cursed non stop while watching and even after watching! Not only me but I'm sure anyone who watched it for sure would have cursed their lungs out.

There's this girl, she brought out a tiny rabbit from its cage and played with the rabbit as if its a fucking toy. The rabbit fell onto the ground from the table and she just casually picked it up and continued playing with it. And the next thing I knew she actually sat on the tiny rabbit! FUCK HER max! Then she used a thick glass piece and placed it on top of the rabbit and it couldn't escape! Then she SAT on that piece of glass WITH THE POOR RABBIT UNDERNEATH! HOLY SHIT! I don't know if she's mentally illed or what she must be insane! She was smiling all the way when she was sitting on the poor rabbit and crushing the rabbit's bones! wtfwtfwtf! Her whole body weight was on the piece of glass with the poor rabbit underneath. OMFG I don't get it why would she want to do that! The 'best' part was when the rabbit is flattened she actually FLIPPED THE RABBIT to another side and CONTINUED SITTING ON IT with the glass piece on top still! FUCK YOU BITCH! Here is the video if you're interested to watch.

Apart from the fucking bitch who's doing all these nonsense there are two other girls witnessing the whole process and the videoman as well. I don't think they are all mentally illed. Fuck that bitch man! She deserved to be jailed and deserve to be fucked with a fucking durian! I hope her pussy will rot and she will have parasites all over her pussy. Motherfucker. Their stupid brains must be located in their rectum!! How could they enjoy watching that bitch doing this to that poor little rabbit. I really can't take it its too heart wrenching! Thats the worst video ever! Don't they have mercy on that poor little rabbit? :(

p/s: sorry for being so vulgar I can't help it. Sigh.

I shall stop talking about that video already. Its too sickening.
Hmm..for few consecutive days I will automatically open my eyes at 9 am and its not something common for me because for those who know me well enough, I'm a horrible heavy sleeper. When I'm asleep all my 5 senses will shut including my ears! @.@
When I don't get enough sleep I will barely hear the alarm or I shall say alarmS.
That is why I need to always make sure I get at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep in order to prevent myself from not being able to wake up the following morning :(
Well most of the time I tend to forget about this heavy sleeping disease that I have and I would carelessly go to bed late.

Is there anything that could make me fall asleep better?
I don't like the feeling of not being able to fall asleep. Last night I spent an hour rolling on the bed before I could fall asleep.
Perhaps my insomnia is coming back. Not only insomnia, its actually my 'exam-period-disease'. I even had a nightmare!
Usually during exam period, insomnia and nightmares every night is something very common for me :(
When I get too stressed I'll even have diarrohea. Wtf.

Okay this is too funny I can't help sharing this to everyone.

I was in a horrible mood and I was ranting and cursing non stop to her and this is when the conversation started to go wrong =____='

Friday, November 19, 2010

Of Harry Potter and Birthday Celebration!

Since my next paper is next Wednesday, we decided to slack a bit after yesterday's paper.
Hence we went for Harry Potter! which made us all Happy Potters! :D
The movie was not bad but at certain parts I think its a bit too draggy but overall its still fine. Emma Watson is turning into such a pretty lady and she looked good throughout the whole movie. Especially the very first scene of her and the scene when she was leaving her house :D

Before movie we went for dinner at TGI Friday in conjunction of my roommate's birthday which falls on the 21st of November which is tomorrow :)
We had a great time celebrating her birthday and even though there were only 5 of us but it felt so merry during dinner. TGI Friday's staff were so sporting and wonderful. They have great manners and their service was good.

Unfortunately one of the staff ruined our surprise celebration [my roommate did not expect us to celebrate for her that early]. He came over and asked "Excuse me, you have two cakes with us, so you would like both to come together after meal or you want it before meal?" I was totally stunned and I glared at him! He saw me glaring and he was surprised because he didn't realize he did a big mistake =.=' Too ridiculous. That is why I wouldn't say that their service was flawless. Haha!

Dinner was fine but it could be better. As usual I still think that the meat that they serve are pretty dry. Especially chicken breast. But the pasta was good! I actually had penne and I think its still good in spite of the dislikeness I have for penne. I will usually go for fettucine, spaghetti or macaroni.

Southwest Mac and Cheese.
Okay I was seriously expecting macaroni to be served instead of penne. I even asked the waitress "Are you sure this is Southwest Mac and Cheese?" and she said YES to my surprise. Why can't they put Penne and Cheese instead? But it was also partially my fault for not reading the dish description carefully before ordering haha.

Jack Daniel's Chicken.
As mentioned above I think the meat is tad bit too dry for my liking.

Jack Daniel's Burger.
Awesome piece of bacon! :D

After dinner, TGI staffs made my roommate stood on the chair and she had to sing in front of everyone with a bottle of ketchup pretending its a microphone. Haha and after singing they all rapped her a Birthday song. It was so cute and fun! So after the song she had to close her eyes make a wish for a minute and while she was making a wish they put both cakes bout a metre away and she had to blow off the candle from where she stood! That moment was really funny and she took so long to blow off the candles. Then the staffs again rapped another song for her. Its really loud and practically the whole restaurant was looking towards us.

Roommie pulling off candles from the cake with her mouth :)

The happy birthday girl!

A group picture of us.
Love you girls! <3
p/s: Excuse the horrible quality. I've already tried my best to edit it to be the best visible colour. The original picture looks far worse than this. =/

Shall get back to study already!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Power of Doughnuts!

Okay I'm not quite motivated to study right now.
But fortunately today is indeed a better day.

I'm blessed with wonderful friends.
From the ride to the clinic to doughnuts!
I really appreciate it a lot.
Thank you lovelies <3

So I was munching on doughnuts a moment ago and I gobbled them up so quickly haha!
Since there's no ice cream, doughnuts do good too to trigger my happy hormones.

Coco Loco and Alcapone!
Blissful much?
Coco Loco is so damn awesome! The chocolate sauce in the doughnut is so scarily generous! Its totally chocolaty in and out. VERY Orgasmic! I felt like drinking chocolate sauce more likely than eating a doughnut. The chocolate sauce kept oozing out in the box right after I took this picture coz I stole a bite before capturing XD and it dripped onto my notes as well while I was eating. =________='

I totally felt like a happy girl now! :)

p/s: I'm prone to get sugar rush o.0


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Of itchy hands and painful legs

Hello there.
I shall greet you with my legs this time =.=

Cute or not my swollen ankle?
The not so smooth surface on my left leg is caused by the =[

And hello to another bruise =.='

My legs are in such a mess. GRR

In need a high dosage of this.

I am emotionally unstable.
Enough said =/


Why do I feel so weak.......?

I'm drenched in Vanilla Twilight

Currently listening to Vanilla Twilight by Owl City.
The lyrics are so beautiful and lovely..
Some of my favourite lines are "..the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly~" and " many times as I blink I'll think of you tonight~"
So sweeeeet <3
Listening to this made my day a lil.

Guess what I had a bad day again so don't blame me for ranting again :(
It all went good since I woke up during noon and started studying and I was surprisingly quite productive. So we decided to go for a jog today to cut off the massive calories we took last night and bad luck it is..I sprained my ankle =_____________=' The moment right after I heard the cracking sound from my ankle I fell flat sitting on the grass and my tears just kept oozing out T.T It was as pain as fuck okayyy.
But it isn't that bad now at least I still can walk slowly but go down the stairs, even a short flight of stairs, is able to make me curse like 3425083042037485 times because it hurts my ankle a lot.
It didn't end there yet! It rained so heavily when we were having dinner and we couldn't go back. We had to sit there for more than an hour till we finally gave up waiting and we decided to ask for help. Plus with my injured leg it'll take us forever to reach.
Luckily Yi Chien who's such an angel came to give us a ride back.

I hope tomorrow will be a better day! *cross fingers*
I've had enough of bad days. Its driving me crazy. Hope I'll get well soon too..boooohoooo :(

Enjoy the rest of the week y'all.


Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm dejected too

A very rare '2posts-a-day' day.
I don't usually update much but for now I just don't feel like talking to anyone at all. I wana hide myself in a hole and stay out of the world. I just want to be alone. I don't want my emotions to affect me too much. I felt like a dumb blonde [sorry for stereotyping but imho I had the most 'dumb blonde moment ever!] and I totally felt like a bimbo.
But a part of me feels there's a need to let out my feelings. I will die if I let myself continue evolving in this emotion. Hence, blogging it is. A soliloquy is what I need. Not a real communication yet.

Its funny to see how my appetite deteriorate so drastically.
Last night I had 4 rounds of supper after dinner. No, I did not eat to make myself gain weight. I actually felt horrible eating but I just can't resist satisfying myself hunger. I was drooling over a packet of Maggi mee okay. T.T I was THAT serious.
But now, after this morning, when I had the stupidest moment ever, when I was striked by the biggest impact of the year [which was caused by myself] , my humongous appetite was swept away as quick as a wind blow.
I spent an hour to finish a cup of hot chocolate. And that was my lunch.

I'm now more ready than ever to expect your coming.

I'm surprised by the calls and messages I received. Very much appreciated. Really.
I really could use a wish right how Hayley Williams sang it.
I want to turn back time. I wish to turn back 6 hours from now. Just 6 onlyyy. I will be really really grateful if it happens.
*smacks head* Dream on Ciara.. T.T

You know its surprising that recently a few people that I don't expect to hear from and are actually alert of my statuses. I don't mean facebook only [if that came to your mind as soon as you see the word 'status'] It feels good when you know that people still care and are not totally ignorant towards you.

Gahhh I better put myself together and get over this.
I'm optimistic and I will always be!


Day 2

I had the most FML moment in my life.
Never ever this had happened to me. Guess there's always a first time for everything but this 'first time' is the last thing I ever wished that will happen.

I just can't believe how foolish I was and the state of depression I am in now, can't be expressed with words.
Wrong decisions are truly devastating.
There's no one I could blame. Its all my fault and I'm the only person that could help myself.
Seriously who on earth will let this happen to themselves?

Sitting here, stunned, still can't believe what I just did.
Feeling hopeless and stupid.
Feel like stabbing myself with a goddamn knife and shoot my head with a M16.

Even though the situation is not as horrible as it is seen but I just can't accept what happened. An hour an a half ago to be precise. The moment of panic, the moment of 'nothing-can-be-done' and the moment of disappointment. They strike so hard on me. And I'm still feeling it.

The impact is to big for me.
I'm not that easy going when it comes to this.
Its my priority and I'm ruining it.
Nothing comes before this and all the while it has been this way.

Still stunned


Day 1

1 paper.
Sunny side up.
Online shopping disease.

They all came to me today.

But they all came together with love and care :D

I'm a lucky girl.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lovey Dovey

I'm in such a lovey dovey mood all of a sudden. But a moment ago I was feeling stressed to the max =.= I need to speed up my revision but I can't seem to. I'm stressed but I'm still slacking. wtf.

Can't stop listening to 两个人不等于我们 by 王力宏...I think it repeated for almost four hours if i'm not mistaken =.='' I think thats the cause of me feeling lovey dovey. Hmm the effects of the media. You see how the media is able to stuff in ideology and messages to one's mind and affect one's mood and behaviour. I'm definitely a victim of the media.

I remember when I was in Bangkok in September, I was at this shop selling clothes? can't say its a boutique so yeah. Anyway, there's this lady was looking at the dresses at the same rack as I did and she was holing her handbag in her arms. So she managed to pick one dress and wanted to try it on and she asked her partner, I'm not sure if its her husband or boyfriend, to hold her bag. She went "Honey do you mind holding my bag for a while?" and her partner answered "I'd love to!" with a really sweet smile on his face :D I was actually stunned LOL. I didn't expect that answer from him and I expect to just hear a "sure!" or "of course" from him but he said "I'd love to!". I find that answer really rare. And its really sweet omg omg! That particular scene is still lingering in my mind hahaha

Sunday, November 7, 2010


"My dad says if you ever get to be with a girl who is too good for you, marry her"-Ashton Kutcher (Vatentine's Day)

How would you consider that a girl is too good for you?
You ever believe in the existence of leagues? Things like you both are of different leagues, when some said you both are at different leagues hence you're not meant to be together because there will be a gap in between or there are not much in common because the way you live and how you socialize is different. Many will agree with that because they agree that when you're with a guy/girl who is way too good for you, your self esteem will be lowered automatically.
But hey, to look in a different way or on a brighter note, its a great opportunity for you to improve yourself. Since you're already together it could possibly mean that the one from a higher league is partially accepting the one from the lower one. There will be expectations and demands but it is not really a bad thing. For me its healthy for self development wise.
But of course there will be a lot of tolerance needed.
It will not be good for you if you have low tolerance. Tolerating is not easy right. Especially if its for a long period of time.
In short, I don't agree with the thing when two person are of different leagues shouldn't be together. Somehow it could turn out to be great.

I saw this again on Janice's blog. I've seen this quote for many many times tho.

" Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, who will lies under the stars and listen to your heartbeat or who will stay awake just to watch you sleep. Wait for the guy who kisses your forehead, who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats, who holds your hand in front of his friends, who thinks you are just as pretty without make up on. One who is constantly reminding you about how much he cares and how lucky is him to have you. The one who turns to his friend and said "That's her." "

Its not easy to find such a guy but it is not impossible.
To the guy who are able to do what was listed in the quote above: I know you're somewhere out there!

Many have asked me which type of guy are you attracted to?
I've not actually thought about this a lot and I've not tried listing it down the qualities or characteristics that I'm looking for.
Maybe I should give it a try haha. Some girls I know really do so. A checklist to evaluate a guy that they are interested in.
I guess my answer will be just like any other girl's answer. Those few basic things like a guy who's lovely, who cares and who loves you for who you are and etc. But for me knowing how to dress up and knowing how to cook is definitely a bonus. Hygienic is a must and I like those who smell good all the time. I would prefer someone who shares the same kind of interests with me and someone who love to go to the places that I like to go. And again, for sure if the guy is able to do what was listed in the quote above then it will be really really awesome. :D
I guess thats about it. My tolerance level is not that low. I'm pretty good at accepting I think.LOL

Anywayyyy, have a great week ahead everyone! For those who are sitting for exam ALL THE BEST! <3

p/s: I miss you guys! <3


Grey Sunday

Not a good day today I suppose.
Not only for me but for some people around me as well.

Feeling exhausted.
Dropped my phone.
Horrible dinner.
and bloated.


Monday, November 1, 2010


Hello lovelies!
So I spent my weekends in Genting. Not exactly that much of fun but still alright overall.
Halloween was great there because everyone seem to be in such a mood for Halloween. Many many dressed up as witches, devils, princesses and even clowns.

I was with one of them :)