Saturday, November 20, 2010

Say NO to animal cruelty!

I can't believe its still a weekend. I'm hoping time will pass faster this week and it becomes slower next week. Hahahahaha.
I can't wait for the next weekend to come!

Oh ya! I watched a video from facebook a while ago, its such a mothafuckin brutal video!!!
I cursed non stop while watching and even after watching! Not only me but I'm sure anyone who watched it for sure would have cursed their lungs out.

There's this girl, she brought out a tiny rabbit from its cage and played with the rabbit as if its a fucking toy. The rabbit fell onto the ground from the table and she just casually picked it up and continued playing with it. And the next thing I knew she actually sat on the tiny rabbit! FUCK HER max! Then she used a thick glass piece and placed it on top of the rabbit and it couldn't escape! Then she SAT on that piece of glass WITH THE POOR RABBIT UNDERNEATH! HOLY SHIT! I don't know if she's mentally illed or what she must be insane! She was smiling all the way when she was sitting on the poor rabbit and crushing the rabbit's bones! wtfwtfwtf! Her whole body weight was on the piece of glass with the poor rabbit underneath. OMFG I don't get it why would she want to do that! The 'best' part was when the rabbit is flattened she actually FLIPPED THE RABBIT to another side and CONTINUED SITTING ON IT with the glass piece on top still! FUCK YOU BITCH! Here is the video if you're interested to watch.

Apart from the fucking bitch who's doing all these nonsense there are two other girls witnessing the whole process and the videoman as well. I don't think they are all mentally illed. Fuck that bitch man! She deserved to be jailed and deserve to be fucked with a fucking durian! I hope her pussy will rot and she will have parasites all over her pussy. Motherfucker. Their stupid brains must be located in their rectum!! How could they enjoy watching that bitch doing this to that poor little rabbit. I really can't take it its too heart wrenching! Thats the worst video ever! Don't they have mercy on that poor little rabbit? :(

p/s: sorry for being so vulgar I can't help it. Sigh.

I shall stop talking about that video already. Its too sickening.
Hmm..for few consecutive days I will automatically open my eyes at 9 am and its not something common for me because for those who know me well enough, I'm a horrible heavy sleeper. When I'm asleep all my 5 senses will shut including my ears! @.@
When I don't get enough sleep I will barely hear the alarm or I shall say alarmS.
That is why I need to always make sure I get at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep in order to prevent myself from not being able to wake up the following morning :(
Well most of the time I tend to forget about this heavy sleeping disease that I have and I would carelessly go to bed late.

Is there anything that could make me fall asleep better?
I don't like the feeling of not being able to fall asleep. Last night I spent an hour rolling on the bed before I could fall asleep.
Perhaps my insomnia is coming back. Not only insomnia, its actually my 'exam-period-disease'. I even had a nightmare!
Usually during exam period, insomnia and nightmares every night is something very common for me :(
When I get too stressed I'll even have diarrohea. Wtf.

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