Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nutty Nutella!

Current addiction!
Who on earth would not like Nutella?!

Misfortunates are still happening, no?
Yes they are. I am so depressed over misfortunates came attacking me one by one and its still not ending yet! T_____________T
I am utmost irritated and disturbed now alright.

Glad that something made my day today hehe :)

Off to bed.
Good night people!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Almost an hour of opening the tap, I then blast Paramore to my ears with my headphones.
Listening to Grenade made the tap opened again. How sick.

I had a Chipsmore cookie last night and it had 16 chips on it. Awesomeness.

Today was unproductive as well. Screw that.

Okay wtf. I was too random its like talking with every sentence not related to prior one.

Here's a note of appreciation I would like to dedicate to someone I dear:

I'm so glad to know you, you know? It totally made me feel better each and every time after turning to you. Since when we've become close I really don't know? and it is not important. What matters most is you're someone I can count on when I need someone. I never thought and it never ever crossed my mind that you'll be the person I'm turning to at this phase of my life. Yours words and the comfort you gave..its like giving me a pillow to cry on. I really hope this will last because I hardly find someone I can put so much trust on and someone I can talk to comfortably. Just so you know, you can count on me too! I'm amazed by how alike our thoughts can be at time.
Thank you so much for being there and to hear me out.

Lots of love,