Monday, May 25, 2009

M for Melbourne.

So...I'm in Melbourne now!
I'm here for two weeks. I'll update when I'm back alright! =)
Here with Ching Mun, Nadia and Eunice is fun!

Gonna meet up more ppl next few days. Can't wait!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mudder's Day!

I'm finally back from Penang again. Am so exhausted right now.

Its 11.00pm now, one more hour before the day ends.

So here goes,

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!
I love you!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Dark Chocolate and Hazelnuts - Heavenly

I should be bogging about this weeks ago but just so happen that I kept forgetting or busy with something else. American Pie distracts me a lot. HAHA.

I have this friend who was my ex-classmate since I was 8 and we were quite close to each other. She then left the country when she was 10, migrated to UK with her family. Since then, we lost contact. There were times where I thought about her and my mom and I would be wondering how is she doing in uk. My mom knew her as well,yes, because she is my childhood friend.

Not long after I created a fb account she contacted me!! I was really surprised to see that familiar name sending me a message asking me if we both knew each other and am I from Ipoh, used to study in MGS?? At that moment I already knew that I found my long lost friend. Am so so glad! =)

She came back to Malaysia during her break for a couple of days and we met up for sure. I brought her around town, introduced her some friends and even brought her back home. LOL.

Here she is!

Eugene and I

Kris, Eugene and I. Btw Kris is her boy :)

I'm really hoping to see you again soon Eugene. I mean it.

Amy, Meiwenn and I went out the other day for drinks and we had a really crazy photograph session in public using the webcam.

Still normal.

Misplaced ears. LOL

Going crazy. She bites!

Haha Meiwenn look so funny.

This looks...seriously horrible terrible and vegetable! so AQUA -___________-'

This too! hahahahaha



Haha thats my hand, Meiwenn and her popcorn and Amy's claws LOL

We ain't retards. Girls just wana have fun heeee~ =)

I have eye bags now.
I need a hair cut.
I need to trim my eyebrows.
I need facial.


Thursday, May 7, 2009


I read about the havoc in Ipoh and I think it was such an awful tragedy, disgraceful and embarassing. Totally. Why on the freggin hell is this happening? Do they even need to make this happen? Fighting among each other doesn't make anything better at all ain't it?

Violence is never EVER a solution to no matter what problems. I thought every civilised soul knew about this?? Yes, people who are civilised knew about that but BEHAVING the opposite way will automatically single you out from the civilised alright. Its common sense okay?? Those who're involved yesterday should really wake up and make some sense already. Cacat!

I can't help to repeat this-the act of aggresion yesterday was really disappointing.

God Bless the state of Perak.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I went KL on Saturday.....alone.

Sound adventurous? LOL actually not really coz I wasn't alone the whole time. Only except when I'm on the way to KL and from KL back to Ipoh. The main reason I went there is to attend Lee Hom's concert. It was really fun!! Sik and I were really 'high' during concert, we screamed a lot. He is DROP DEAD handsome ohhhh emmm geeeee~~! He sang really well, he danced, he played the electric guitar, piano, violin, drums and etc etc etc. HE'S SO CUTE!
The crowd was quite big so the situation where everyone gets sweaty after the concert then at the same time everyone get their way out of the stadium-not cool. The stench...EWW :(

I don't have pictures of him in the concert coz I was really far from the stage haha. Why? Coz I got those tickets for free from purchasing my new SE phone. What do you expect then? Free...haha. Of course I don't take this free gift for granted and it is seriously not the reason why I bought the phone at all. Lol. Well...I have pictures of the stage. Yeah can share pictures of the stage la haha.

The view of the stage from my miserably far away...

You could imagine how small he is from my view. But, still not too bad at least I still could see him jumping around and see how he dances.

thats my glow stick!!

Next up! Sik and I both were busy hunting for food too. be precise its me and I made her eat with me actually. HAHA.

Yogurberry! =)

This picture looks misleading somehow. ROFL

In Gasoline!

Sik looking so hungry.

And she is ALWAYS on the phone =.=

Whoa look at that amount of whipped cream~ so tempting>.<

Krispy Kreme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its newly opened in Time Square. Q told me the very first customer got 1 year supply of doughnuts for FREE!! WOW I pity whoever that is. Seriously.

Looks pretty good huh? Unfortunately too sweet for my liking =(

In Bukit Jalil before concert started.

Check out the crowd man.

The next day.....
First stop, Saint Cinammon!

We were eating.....

THIS! yumm~! but damn fattening okay =(

Then, the infamous Kim Gary.

Our sinfully scrumptous cheese baked rice. Its hella cheesy coz we chose double cheese delight.

Cheese baked curry with rice(served seperately)

Sik took this picture in a horrible angle hahahahaha.

Overall, I had a lot of fun. I'm glad everything went fine even though it wasn't planned in detailed at all. Especially the part where I was able to reach in time. Phew.