Friday, May 8, 2009

Dark Chocolate and Hazelnuts - Heavenly

I should be bogging about this weeks ago but just so happen that I kept forgetting or busy with something else. American Pie distracts me a lot. HAHA.

I have this friend who was my ex-classmate since I was 8 and we were quite close to each other. She then left the country when she was 10, migrated to UK with her family. Since then, we lost contact. There were times where I thought about her and my mom and I would be wondering how is she doing in uk. My mom knew her as well,yes, because she is my childhood friend.

Not long after I created a fb account she contacted me!! I was really surprised to see that familiar name sending me a message asking me if we both knew each other and am I from Ipoh, used to study in MGS?? At that moment I already knew that I found my long lost friend. Am so so glad! =)

She came back to Malaysia during her break for a couple of days and we met up for sure. I brought her around town, introduced her some friends and even brought her back home. LOL.

Here she is!

Eugene and I

Kris, Eugene and I. Btw Kris is her boy :)

I'm really hoping to see you again soon Eugene. I mean it.

Amy, Meiwenn and I went out the other day for drinks and we had a really crazy photograph session in public using the webcam.

Still normal.

Misplaced ears. LOL

Going crazy. She bites!

Haha Meiwenn look so funny.

This looks...seriously horrible terrible and vegetable! so AQUA -___________-'

This too! hahahahaha



Haha thats my hand, Meiwenn and her popcorn and Amy's claws LOL

We ain't retards. Girls just wana have fun heeee~ =)

I have eye bags now.
I need a hair cut.
I need to trim my eyebrows.
I need facial.


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