Thursday, May 7, 2009


I read about the havoc in Ipoh and I think it was such an awful tragedy, disgraceful and embarassing. Totally. Why on the freggin hell is this happening? Do they even need to make this happen? Fighting among each other doesn't make anything better at all ain't it?

Violence is never EVER a solution to no matter what problems. I thought every civilised soul knew about this?? Yes, people who are civilised knew about that but BEHAVING the opposite way will automatically single you out from the civilised alright. Its common sense okay?? Those who're involved yesterday should really wake up and make some sense already. Cacat!

I can't help to repeat this-the act of aggresion yesterday was really disappointing.

God Bless the state of Perak.


Chrys said...

agreeeeeee. pity our lil town ipoh..

Ciara said... sad.