Thursday, April 30, 2009


I'm quite desperate to travel right now. Seriously. I'm stuck in this hell hole for too long. Months for goodness sake.

I'm totally excited about being away this weekend. But nothing is planned at all I don't know why. I'm letting things go so spontaneously which I usually don't because I hate last minute plans. I don't even know how where when and what by now. Ridiculous.

This swine flu thing is really killing me. Omg no I don't mean that I have swine flu myself . I mean its existence is at the wrong timing. Very wrong! Why will it come in this month? Why not end of the year or maybe after June at least?? GAHH.. Spoiling my plans and everything which I thought is turning out fine all the while. NOT COOL OKAY. fu!

I had the WORST seafood platter EVER in my entire life today. Yucks.

Lee Hom's concert this Saturday! Stay tuned!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Day 1!

Fresh Oyster!! Damn they are my favourite!

hehe thats my P which is coming off this 13th of May. Well i'm actually showing that I'm passing through the Penang bridge. Not my P.

Penang bridge under maintainence.

OOooooooOOoOOOOO...Fried Oysters!! YUM!

It says..Masjid Pakistan.

Day 2!

Yam cake. Looks good? I was quite disappointed. It didn't taste like how it used to be.

Otak-otak. Not bad.

Prawn noodles =)

Woman char-ing kuey teow. Its actually a very-not-worth-it-RM5-tiny-plate of char kuey teow. [its shit according to q LOL]

Cendol in Penang Road

Ais kacang with atapchi WOW

Penang Laksa

Another char kuey teow

I didn't know Penang produces White coffee as well haha.


Getting ready......


OK Get set...!


Wheeeee~ I'm flying~~~~


and Higher!

and Further!

and EVEN Futher...I did not come back...HAHA just jokin..ok that was lame =.=

off to another game!

It totally felt like roller coaster on water!! Not easy tho. It made my muscles at my tummy area aches like $%^$#$%^^!!

Went to gurney at night and had char kuey teow again for dinner. HAHA

Day 3!


freggin excited HAHA


We were fast and furious in the water LOL

This is the view form my room

This too.

Did you know my car can fit like 4 or 5 person in the backside and its full when we were about to go back. I was like holy shit! and guess how many pair of new shoes are there in it.

I did quite alot of shopping. Look at those bags. Man~!

Exhausted after so much of activities 3days straight.

It was the best Penang trip I've had so far. I can't wait for another time!

When I came home there's no current! I seriously do not know for how long but I bet it was at least 24 hours. The main switch in my house is very sensitive towards thunder. As soon as there's thunder it'll off automatically. So when we were away there's no one to switch it on again. I was so afraid something bad will happen to the refrigerator. I quickly rushed to check if its okay. Food in the freezer is still cold but not frozen. But it seems everything's fine. Phew. For those who reads XX's blog I'm sure you could estimate how worried I could be. LOL.