Thursday, April 30, 2009


I'm quite desperate to travel right now. Seriously. I'm stuck in this hell hole for too long. Months for goodness sake.

I'm totally excited about being away this weekend. But nothing is planned at all I don't know why. I'm letting things go so spontaneously which I usually don't because I hate last minute plans. I don't even know how where when and what by now. Ridiculous.

This swine flu thing is really killing me. Omg no I don't mean that I have swine flu myself . I mean its existence is at the wrong timing. Very wrong! Why will it come in this month? Why not end of the year or maybe after June at least?? GAHH.. Spoiling my plans and everything which I thought is turning out fine all the while. NOT COOL OKAY. fu!

I had the WORST seafood platter EVER in my entire life today. Yucks.

Lee Hom's concert this Saturday! Stay tuned!