Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Power of Doughnuts!

Okay I'm not quite motivated to study right now.
But fortunately today is indeed a better day.

I'm blessed with wonderful friends.
From the ride to the clinic to doughnuts!
I really appreciate it a lot.
Thank you lovelies <3

So I was munching on doughnuts a moment ago and I gobbled them up so quickly haha!
Since there's no ice cream, doughnuts do good too to trigger my happy hormones.

Coco Loco and Alcapone!
Blissful much?
Coco Loco is so damn awesome! The chocolate sauce in the doughnut is so scarily generous! Its totally chocolaty in and out. VERY Orgasmic! I felt like drinking chocolate sauce more likely than eating a doughnut. The chocolate sauce kept oozing out in the box right after I took this picture coz I stole a bite before capturing XD and it dripped onto my notes as well while I was eating. =________='

I totally felt like a happy girl now! :)

p/s: I'm prone to get sugar rush o.0



naeus! said...

ciara youre too cute for word sometimes! ♥

Ciara said...

HAHAHA sueann!
You're shoooo cute toooo!