Friday, November 19, 2010

Of Harry Potter and Birthday Celebration!

Since my next paper is next Wednesday, we decided to slack a bit after yesterday's paper.
Hence we went for Harry Potter! which made us all Happy Potters! :D
The movie was not bad but at certain parts I think its a bit too draggy but overall its still fine. Emma Watson is turning into such a pretty lady and she looked good throughout the whole movie. Especially the very first scene of her and the scene when she was leaving her house :D

Before movie we went for dinner at TGI Friday in conjunction of my roommate's birthday which falls on the 21st of November which is tomorrow :)
We had a great time celebrating her birthday and even though there were only 5 of us but it felt so merry during dinner. TGI Friday's staff were so sporting and wonderful. They have great manners and their service was good.

Unfortunately one of the staff ruined our surprise celebration [my roommate did not expect us to celebrate for her that early]. He came over and asked "Excuse me, you have two cakes with us, so you would like both to come together after meal or you want it before meal?" I was totally stunned and I glared at him! He saw me glaring and he was surprised because he didn't realize he did a big mistake =.=' Too ridiculous. That is why I wouldn't say that their service was flawless. Haha!

Dinner was fine but it could be better. As usual I still think that the meat that they serve are pretty dry. Especially chicken breast. But the pasta was good! I actually had penne and I think its still good in spite of the dislikeness I have for penne. I will usually go for fettucine, spaghetti or macaroni.

Southwest Mac and Cheese.
Okay I was seriously expecting macaroni to be served instead of penne. I even asked the waitress "Are you sure this is Southwest Mac and Cheese?" and she said YES to my surprise. Why can't they put Penne and Cheese instead? But it was also partially my fault for not reading the dish description carefully before ordering haha.

Jack Daniel's Chicken.
As mentioned above I think the meat is tad bit too dry for my liking.

Jack Daniel's Burger.
Awesome piece of bacon! :D

After dinner, TGI staffs made my roommate stood on the chair and she had to sing in front of everyone with a bottle of ketchup pretending its a microphone. Haha and after singing they all rapped her a Birthday song. It was so cute and fun! So after the song she had to close her eyes make a wish for a minute and while she was making a wish they put both cakes bout a metre away and she had to blow off the candle from where she stood! That moment was really funny and she took so long to blow off the candles. Then the staffs again rapped another song for her. Its really loud and practically the whole restaurant was looking towards us.

Roommie pulling off candles from the cake with her mouth :)

The happy birthday girl!

A group picture of us.
Love you girls! <3
p/s: Excuse the horrible quality. I've already tried my best to edit it to be the best visible colour. The original picture looks far worse than this. =/

Shall get back to study already!