Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Of itchy hands and painful legs

Hello there.
I shall greet you with my legs this time =.=

Cute or not my swollen ankle?
The not so smooth surface on my left leg is caused by the =[

And hello to another bruise =.='

My legs are in such a mess. GRR

In need a high dosage of this.

I am emotionally unstable.
Enough said =/



-LuVeRGaL- said...

ouch! i sprained my ankles 3 times before. and it hurts like hell i know! take care ya dear. oh and those pain relief patches helped alot. get well soon~ muahhh!

Ciara said...

Thanks dear!
You make me miss you so damn much T.T
Can I come visit youuu??

-LuVeRGaL- said...

sure u can dear =) i'm in ipoh for this weekend, but i will be back in kl tmr already =) u holiday jor?

Ciara said...

No not yet holidayyyy
still got two more papers to go.
You'll be in kl till when hun?
I'm planning to go maybe 1st or 2nd of december. But i'll confirm later.