Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Ipoh girl is back

I'm back in Ipoh people!
Sorry for the hiatus :) its not that I just reached but I couldn't blog as soon as I got back due to no access to the internet.
Ipoh welcomed me warmly and its feels so good to be home.
The feeling of slacking and watching movie all day with nothing to worry about is totally awesome.

I'm feeling the itch of baking already! It comes to me every holidays.
I shall find the time to bake as soon as I can :)

I have one hella long shopping list but I couldn't get them all yet its out of my afford-ability =/
I'm not that loaded so I need to sort out my priorities.
I shall behave and shop no more.
I regretted shopping on the last day of my exam. Shit!

Cameron Highlands on Tuesday YAY!
Birthday next next Tuesday!
and Melbourne next next Wednesday! YAY again! <3>

OHYES! I totally have to blog about this. I met my long lost relative last week in the midst of my finals. I've heard about him from Aunt Annie quite some time ago and I never thought I could actually meet him. He initiated our communication which was first from Facebook [reminds me of the movie "The Social Network" and automatically the phrase 'I'm the CEO,bitch!' came to my mind haha] and then to phone calls and even SMS-es and we finally met up. He's 60, but he's my second cousin!
Well I come from a really big family same goes to both maternal and paternal side but the latter is wayyyyy bigger. My grandfather and his grandfather are brothers but the age gap was big. Its about 20 years gap [I guess?] which totally explains our age gap. Our grandfathers have 15 siblings in total! Its a lot I know.
I'm so glad that we met and I got to know so many stories about my family! Its really a story worth telling and the best part is I'm part of the story haha. The feeling of seeing my name included in the printed humongous family tree is just fuhhhhh I don't know how to put it in words!

On a random note, J.Co yogurt is my current favourite and obsession!

Wonderful memories of you and me :)

I shall go to lala land now it's gonna be a long day tomorrow!



Ainee Cumi said...

Dah balik Ipoh? Do come to my engagement party with Ames & Yin Yee.. =))

Ciara said...

when is it??

Ciara said...

when is it??