Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Joy of semester break

Oh its been a week already!
I only have three more weeks of holiday but I'm excusing myself for another week because I'll be skipping the first week of next semester. So in total I have 5 weeks of holiday! YAY haha.

The first week of holidays was awesome I slacked so much I didn't do anything productive at all o.0
I went Cameron Highlands with the most awesome people and it was totally fun. We plucked strawberries, went for tea at the peak of the hill in Boh tea farm, took pretty pictures, enjoyed the cool breeze, had charcoal steamboat for dinner and etc. The trip was really lovely. We were lucky that it was chilly because it was drizzling quite a bit :D
Let me bomb you with pictures!

Such a beautiful canopy of morning glories!

I was so excited plucking strawberries :D

My lovely girlfriends :)

Ahh yes this is Boh Tea farm. The small structure in the picture which is sticking out from the peak is the Boh Tea Cafe! We had tea there :D

It was really chilly. I had goosebumps!

And this is the charcoal steamboat we had that I mentioned earlier :)

Munching on strawberries while watching movie! Totally orgasmic.

Apart from this trip the rest of the week has been pretty occupied as well. Went out with Peiyek for lunch, did some shopping and we went for nail art! Its been so long :)

Hers :)

Mine :)

Brewster's has shifted to Greentown, Ipoh if you guys didn't know. They now have more seats and more tables to serve compared to the previous shop which I previously worked at. The food is still awesome like always. I went with mom last week to try out and to check out their new place. I am glad to be able to meet up with the fun people that I worked with.
Tried out the lamb steak and pasta. The steak was really awesome it was grilled to perfection of medium-well. The meat is perfectly pink and juicy on the inside! :D

On a random note, I went for movies with my girlfriends yesterday and I had the regular size popcorn but it was so huge! It was previously the large size but they have upgraded the size and made this huge cup a regular instead of large anymore. Can you imagine how huge the large size is? TGV thinks that Malaysians are getting more fond of caramelized popcorn? I would suggest them to serve salted popcorn too! Salted ones are good too!

Jane said I looked like a sohai here =.=' Really?

Shall update soon more on recent events after I got my pictures. Have a great week ahead everyone!

Lots of love,

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