Tuesday, December 7, 2010

21st Birthday Part 1

I'm still overjoyed over Monday where my wonderful girlfriends came down to Ipoh to celebrate my be-earlied birthday with me. Its too early I know but Jane had to leave to Penang tomorrow already thats why. I'm totally in a birthday mood already now!

It was nothing much but the outing was really really sweet. Its been so long I had such outing in Ipoh already since my high school girlfriends left Ipoh. I felt like a high school girl again.
We had lunch at my favourite place for custard, watched 'Due Date' [highly recommended because it is so farking hilarious! I laughed so hard in the cinema =.=' and its not only me okay] We then had dinner in Secret Garden [its now one of the popular hang out places in Ipoh to chill and have tea. The environment is good but the food is tad bit bland for me, I would prefer Brewster's if its for food]

Some shots of me with the surprise birthday cake :D

I teared when they sang me birthday songs. Yeah songS you didn't get me wrong they sang it in three different languages haha but it was too touching I couldn't help myself from tearing. They all came so far to Ipoh just to do this for me. How wonderful isn't it?

On a random note, there is a box in my house where my mom simply used it to put some junks and there are new born baby kittens in it! Its been a few days already and they are now furry but still so tiny >.<

Look at them! eeeek >.<

Was out again with my dearest girls today. It was such a tragic day @.@ haha.
A and J, you left a permanent mark on me. I will keep this gift forever! I love you girls! Muaxxx!


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