Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lovey Dovey

I'm in such a lovey dovey mood all of a sudden. But a moment ago I was feeling stressed to the max =.= I need to speed up my revision but I can't seem to. I'm stressed but I'm still slacking. wtf.

Can't stop listening to 两个人不等于我们 by 王力宏...I think it repeated for almost four hours if i'm not mistaken =.='' I think thats the cause of me feeling lovey dovey. Hmm the effects of the media. You see how the media is able to stuff in ideology and messages to one's mind and affect one's mood and behaviour. I'm definitely a victim of the media.

I remember when I was in Bangkok in September, I was at this shop selling clothes? can't say its a boutique so yeah. Anyway, there's this lady was looking at the dresses at the same rack as I did and she was holing her handbag in her arms. So she managed to pick one dress and wanted to try it on and she asked her partner, I'm not sure if its her husband or boyfriend, to hold her bag. She went "Honey do you mind holding my bag for a while?" and her partner answered "I'd love to!" with a really sweet smile on his face :D I was actually stunned LOL. I didn't expect that answer from him and I expect to just hear a "sure!" or "of course" from him but he said "I'd love to!". I find that answer really rare. And its really sweet omg omg! That particular scene is still lingering in my mind hahaha

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