Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blood Red

I love the view of my fingers typing with blood red nails. Weird I know. Haha.

Ahh what do I do now.
I've completed my assignments, report, and quiz which all fell on this particular week.
This will be seriously a 'what-a-week' thing.
Its the busiest week ever and yet one of the most enjoying week.
Sunday I had the best family bonding time, Monday to Wednesday was busy as hell with all the things that I had to do which was priorly listed. Thursday (today) and Friday I'm totally free and I'm still thinking how to occupy my time. Saturday and Sunday will be in Genting. Haha.
Most importantly this coming Sunday I'm heading back to Ipoh again!

Its study week next week. Its not gonna be a partypartypartyeveryday time.
I gotta kick my own ass to get myself to open my books and read every fuckinarticle in the books.
Talking about books. Anyone seen my advertising book? Its gone. Damn where did I misplace it.

I realized that I do not have recent pictures of me for the longest time ever. I used to be such a camera whore and I take pictures no matter where I go and no matter who I am out with. Where has the camera whore gone to? Me iz now no no camera whore T.T Me haz no no pwettty pictures. wtf.

One of the most recent pictures that I have is this.
My roommate and I managed to stack up so much of salad in the tiny bowl provided by Pizza Hut last week during lunch. :) Pro? Haha. I must say we're getting better on this already. Do date us for Pizza if you want a lot of salad!

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