Monday, October 25, 2010

Bruno Mars

I've got a reminder to commemorate how things have come this far and how well things have become. Well its great that things manage to come this far but not all that came this far are still great. I wished things could stay the same.

On a brighter note I am much much emotionally stable now. Thank you for those who came looking for me randomly to check if i'm okay. I really felt so loved and being cared for. What do I do without you? Seriously.

I'm just an ordinary girl who needs attention, respect, to feel loved and of course to be loved. I'm just an ordinary girl who dreams to be somebody's princess like every other girl.
Who doesn't?
I am not the kind that can bear not having attention from the people that I want attention from. Scary much? Hopefully if you're reading this you won't think "Thank gawd I'm not one of them". Nahh but I totally won't bitch about it and I won't behave like a bitchy 'LOA'. I will stay cool haha.

I've been listening to Bruno Mars for the past 4 hours. Its too addictive. I'm totally the kind that will keep looping the same few songs again and again for the longest time ever if I'm in love with that few songs or that one particular song. It doesn't make me bored. I just love repeating it.

I was totally flattered today someone stared at me with dreamy eyes. ROFLMAO. Perasan max. *smacks own forehead*

Have a great week ahead people!
Gotta carry on with my workload which is piling up like a tower.
For the very very very first time ever I actually feel good to be busy.


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