Monday, October 11, 2010

The Bright Monday

When everyone says 'Monday Blues', to my surprise this Monday of mine is actually quite a good day for me! Monday is finally treating me well? Haha.
I'm so damn relieved that my research paper is finally completed and all of a sudden everything just feels right. Psychology huh?

Today I finally felt that I finally have my own time to do thing that I wanted to do like taking my own sweet time to jog, spend hours for dinner and even watch a movie in my room which I have not been doing these for quite some time.

Anyway this week is Sushi King's members' week! We're gonna gobble up loads of sushi together tomorrow I can't wait! It will be our second time doing this together :D Thinking about smoked salmon makes me drool like a greedy dog =.='
This was what happened during the last Sushi Bonanza

On a random note, there was a humongous lizard in our room just now and it was moving so quickly! My roommate and I were screaming our lungs out [opps *blushing*] and damn now its no where to be soon. I hope it's already out of our room :( On the bright note we're now all calm and singing to ourselves already LOL.

Yesterday was 10th of October 2010 which makes the date looked so special 10.10.10 and I see a lot bloggers blogged about it. Even Babygirl Hani made a real interesting post from it and she looked so cute and 'chinese' with her straight hair back in 2006 ahax :D but one person told me, "if you look at this date from another point of view there's really nothing so special about it because a lot claimed that it's only gonna happen once in our lifetime...but all the other days are the same too they will never repeat and we will go through all days only once in our lifetime too" haha got me really speechless for how critical this person can be but its true. So yeah we seriously gotta appreciate whatever that come and go in our life coz things are hardly gonna repeat in life. Even if they do it might not be the same anymore.

You know you don't need to be told that you're not forgotten all the time to see that you're actually being forgotten or not. You should know deep down whether you're really forgotten. Getting upset all the time just because you don't like to hear what you hear and being too pessimistic will deteriorate a lot of things in life. This does not only apply to love but it applies to a lot of aspects in live. Being too sensitive over what people say to you or say about you is not good. Well everyone knows that but most of them tend to forget. Why let yourself to only gain confidence from other people?

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