Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My way

Its a fact that everyone is greedy. I'm no exceptional. Most people will have thoughts like "I want this I want that" and they will never have enough. Its not an unusual thing to be greedy but its how greedy you can be differs yourself from others. I guess I should lower my greed and be more grateful of what I have now. I'm all good and fine now. Why ask for more? Why take so much trouble to gain more and more when what is available is more than enough, right?

Its a rainy Wednesday and I miss rainy days. It gives me a reason to wear long sleeves which I actually adore but I can't endure being warm and sweaty so thats why I hardly wear them. Not today either. I did not step out of my room since I woke up at 12.00pm today. I couldn't get up when the alarm rang hence I skipped my lecture. Its not really a class that I think its worth going thus I didn't mind skipping it even though I set my alarm the night before to wake me up for class. My actions are actually ironic. Haha yes.

My thoughts have been running wildly in my head today. Thinking about a lot of things that are going on and what do I have to do to escape from this pathetic situation I am in. I'm now such a mess [academic wise]. I need motivation. I need inspiration. But still I need A LOT of entertainment which totally kills me [mentally]. I want things to go my way all the time, I want things that I like to be around me all the time, I want people that I like to be around me and I want to do things that I like to do always! You see greed in me now, don't you? Yes I am like that. Pathetic.

I've been looking through a lot of old pictures and I found these!
Thats Vivian and I hahaha good ol' times :)

and the noisy people back in school. Look at how much we have all changed! Geez..

This is the only picture of us in tuition that I have =.=' Tuition moments are the most unforgettable ones. We laugh so much during tuition and thats like the best part during school life. Look at Siksik, the girl of skin and bones and thats me in the middle and Meiwenn, the pervert girl and the naughty one big time. Then I found this!

Its her masterpiece obviously. Thank you Meiwenn for the ornaments on my face. =.='

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