Sunday, January 30, 2011

Am in Ipoh

Hello hello i'm back in Ipoh! :D
Chinese New Year break is always the happiest break! but I've not started to enjoy my CNY break yet because I've been working part time in Parkson the day right after I came back but its only for 3 days! So only one more day to go and I'll be free!
While working I managed to bump into so many old friends and its a really chance to get to see them again :) Hopefully the last day will be a good one!

Guess what is the first nostalgic thing I had as soon as I reached Ipoh? Haha..

A&W Rootbeer Float.

My cuteness brother was craving for it so I agreed and we went all the way to station 18 just to have it @.@


Ainee Cumi said...

A&W in Ipoh?? Where is iT?/ Where is it? I wanna go

lucacutri said...