Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend in KL

I always wonder how life would be and how will my days go by if I'm not here studying in Penang. Its a very distinctive turning point for me where I meet new people and doing different things and learning different things here. I'm glad that I'm here actually. Somehow its really a very good thing and I will sometimes feel its somehow whats best especially when I compare it with other things that could have came to me. Blah.

I attended an interview today and some questions really make me question myself a lot after the session. I really need to make my visions clearer!

So, I was in Selangor/ KL during the weekend. It was a good one and its been so long since I last had such quality time :D


Opps flash overload..

And we went all the way to Klang to try Bak Kut Teh which they are famous for. Seriously Bak Kut Teh shops are scattered everywhere in Klang! Its really amazing.

And its different from the ones that I used to have all the while. Its not served in a claypot, the gravy is so damn precious that when you order for extra gravy they only give two freggin tablespoons =.=' and only certain parts of the swine comes with mushroom. For example if you are taking only lean meat then there will be no mushroom but when you order knuckles then mushroom comes together. Weird.
I shall not comment about the worthwhileness of driving almost an hour for this particular meal. =.=

On a random note, did you know drinking too much water is not really doing good for your health? It will actually flush away the sodium content in your body and hence will cause confusion and fatigue.
I saw this when I was in the plane and I guess its good to be thirsty once in a while? :)

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