Sunday, January 16, 2011

Post Mortem

A great news I would really like to share! I'm still having shopaphobic. How awesome is that =.='
I'm still afraid to step into any shops which sells clothes....especially FOREVER 21!

Okay let me make it clear.
The picture of my loot in my previous post are only stuff that I got ONLY from Forever 21 and I've been visiting there every single day for 4 days straight like its a routine!

I still have a stack of new clothes which I bought from Melbourne during my trip. How can I resist it where the sales were crazyyyyy especially during Boxing Day! We even woke up early on purpose just to shop. If I'm not mistaken we woke up at freggin 7am to go shopping because malls were opened at 5am. Even when I thought we were early we were actually NOT! We reached around 8am and the parking lot is already FULL! Can you imagine that? We went to Chadstone in Caulfield, Vic which is the largest shopping complex in Victoria and the parking lot is already full by 8am @.@
So yeah thats the situation during Boxing Day in Aussie. Pretty amazing.

I don't even dare counting my total expenses on my clothes. I could make a rough guess thats why I'm so scared @.@ Holy mama.


Ames said...

i had this "gotta-shop" feeling all the time! omfg.

but i am now managing my shopping mood swings pretty good =)
idk why all these clothes for this season just doesnt fit me.
So in the end i spent less!

hanyee said...

ooo cant wait to see that stack from melb! ;)

no sales no buy!

Ciara said...

Ames: haha you should go hunt for clothes then! Go everywhere did you? :D I am doing good now still having shopaphobic. Its quite serious this time @.@

Hanyee: hahaha :D