Sunday, January 9, 2011

Relaxing yet exciting Melbourne trip!

Hello there! Sorry for the hiatus again!! I was too lazy to blog about my Melbourne trip last week and was away to Genting Highlands to watch 黄子华 again during the weekend :D
Yesterday I've been travelling in a moving vehicle for more than 6 hours from Genting to Ipoh then Ipoh to Penang non stop. It nearly killed me due to the dizziness and the nauseating ride =.=' End up I couldn't sleep at night and I was on the bed till past 3am. It was such an endurance seriously. By the way tt was sooooo freggin cold in Genting Highlands. Its been so long since I experienced such cold in Genting Highlands.

I should blog about my trip to Melbourne before it gets too overdue again. My trip to Melbourne was awesome and it is so far one of the best trips I've had. Its relaxing and yet exciting :)
There are too much write about if I were to write about every single thing that happened. So I'll just bomb you with pictures and let them do the talking! :D

This was taken in Crown casino and this lil kombi van is so freggin cute!

Us having Max Brenner hot chocolate :D

Beer session in noon haha

The yummiest gelato ever! Every single flavour is so tempting! I didn't get a chance to try green tea flavour :( and and and durian was the BOMB!


MART, breakfast place in Albert Park

Poached eggs on toast with smoked salmon!

Corn Fritter


Santa and I in Docklands

At Footscray market

Vietnamese Bread. Its really good and I might say its better than the one I tasted when I was in Vietnam haha.

At William's town

At the pier in William's town

I was brought to try Indonesian food. Its really really good actually. This is my rendang beef

Beef penyet

and Ikan penyet

In Botanical garden

Federation Square :D

This was taken in Victoria Harbour on Christmas day where the city looks like a dead city. It was so quiet out there. I guess everyone does their celebration at home :)

Macaroons from Brunetti

We stopped by Shelly beach when we were on out way to Venus Bay to collect lala.

Venus Bay!

and look at the amount of lala that we collected! I totally think this amount can serve 30pax or it can last us for a week!

South Melbourne Market

Carrum beach! <3

we had so much fun at the beach. I was so tired after playing ball with that two monkeys haha.

Laurent- recommended for pastries and desserts. The desserts were fine didn't impress me much tho.

The Pancake Parlour!!

where they serve the most orgasmic short stack ever! I can never get bored of this. I had so many of this throughout my trip.

Thats briefly about my trip. There are many more pictures in my Facebook that I did not post here. Go check them out! :) It takes a lot of time posting pictures here thats why I cut off a lot of pictures =/

I shall take my lunch now and get my laundry done!
Blog soon!


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