Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back from holiday!

Hellooooo *waves*

I'm back from Melbourne finally. My two weeks there was really really awesome. I had such a great time visiting places, taking pictures, slacking, being a typical tourist and of course stuffing myself with food. [p/s: I've never seen myself so fat before in these few years @.@]

There's so much to blog about but too much till the mojo has totally gone! I've already given up on my 21st birthday celebration parts. So yeah sorry for not being efficient enough. I will update about my 21st birthday later alright! :D

Oh yesss even tho its late but still HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! :D
Have a wonderful and splendid year ahead. May everyone's resolutions will be achieved and everything will go smooth sailing for everyone!

A lil sneak peek from my Melbourne trip :D

More updates soon! <3>

Have a great week ahead and enjoy the very first week of 2011 everyone!



The Khang said...

where is Melbourne?

Ciara said...

Melbourne is in Australia