Sunday, December 27, 2009

Birthday Part 3!

Its so late to blog about my birthday anymore but I really really wana share this haha.
My awesome friends, Eunice, ChingMun, Sik sik and Nadia baked cupcakes for me. OMG so pretty right?? I din expect them to bake like seriously haha so happy wheeeee~ I can't stop smiling everytime I look at the cupcakes :D

"WE LOVE CIARA" it says haha. Awww I love you all tooooo <3

I totally went awww *heart melts* when I see these cupcakes. :)

Look at the stupid ass trying to ruin almost all of my pictures =.=

I was soooo sooo happy haha thank you again girls. And thank you for the enormous card and presents toooooooo. So sweet of you seriously. :)

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