Monday, January 12, 2009

Off day

I finally had the urge to do some exercise and get myself sweating an hour ago. I got ready by picking the right attire and tying up my hair properly wore my socks and get my towel ready...
So as I opened the door rain poured -____________-' wtheck!?
Miss Lady Luck was gone~....

I was bored today. Really unproductive day..
Monday blues as people usually say. It applies perfectly..
It is my off day and it should be exciting but sadly not. I woke up hella late-at 2pm almost. Ahh how embarrassing.
Oh yes I'm working now. At a diner-Brewster's.
If you people happen to drop by or get your meals there ask for me alright! =D

Well if you ask me 'How's work?'...I would say its fine Manageable for me. Nothing tough really. Except the part where you have to explain the dishes to customers on how it is cooked for whichever item they asked and remembering what are the haves and have nots for the day would be a little mind cracking. The kitchen changes everyday. For example they might have new dishes for today and maybe not selling anymore the next day. Haha.
No biggie anyway..

January..Its a month full of birthday celebrations many upcoming birthday celebrations. Dang!

I'm wishing for a prosperous year ahead.
Happy be-early Chinese New Year guys!! RAWRRR!

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