Monday, January 5, 2009

Nadia oh Nadia...haha
yes people I'm here to blog about Nadia
She had been really crazy these days staying up VERY late almost every night going cuckoo with the guitar hero =.=
So we had been chatting recently through webcam and mic and she thought that her webcam has this really cool function and she decided to show it off to me...thinking that she could perform 'magic' haha but mine was wayyyy cooler than hers! AHA!
She said she want it too and she downloaded Webcam Max lol and we had whole lots of fun playing with it...wheeee~

I took quite a number of snap shots of her with effects haha lemme show you..

This was her favourite..haha

Look like her very much ain't it?



the Neo Visualist said...

LOLLLLLLLL i think the smoking one looks best =D

Ciara said...

hahah yeahh