Sunday, July 11, 2010

First day of Second year

Its first day of school. So excited to meet everyone again :)
I'm a second year junior now!
No more a freshie :)
Woke up sooooo early today and got ready so well to attend class but end up class canceled KNS!
We're having steamboat tonight wheeeee~ I'm so excited! Our dear lil friend from Beijing brought back steamboat soup base all the way from her hometown for us. We have this like quite often coz we are all crazy about steamboat. Well thats because the soup base from China is so damn awesome. Its so spicy and the ingredients in the soup base is so freggin generous.
Gonna shop for steamboat later after lecture :)

My coursemate yiling is my new roommate for this semester! How coincident!
I hope its gonna be fun XD

I miss partying @.@
pfft what was I thinking. Crap. I'm no party girl. Seriously. LOL.