Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Weekend with the girlfriend

Helloooo! *wavesss* [while munching on crackers with cheese and caviar for breakfast YUM!]
I'm finally on holidays! Not exactly..opps I was on holiday since last Tuesday. Sorry for the lack of updates again =/
Anyway I've been slacking a lot lately so I've decided to do something productive today! Hence, blogging it is!
I have a lot to share here hehehehehh

p/s: pictures bombing involved! :D

So I was back in Ipoh last Wednesday with my girl April because she decided to pay Ipoh a short short as 12 hours? LOL. She gotta drive back all the way south alone thats why she had to make it day time thats why =/ [Apple you gotta come again real soon alright! I'm gonna feed you till you get bloated!]
As soon as a day after she left I went south to spend the weekend with her LOL so klang it was where I spent my weekend. I had so much fun for the weekend!

Been nom-ing bak kut teh everyday three days straight! Satisfied much! and the weekend was totally awesome where we did all the things that we like together :D
So as soon as I reached Klang, the gf brought me to have bak kut teh :D

then to Hani's place for a get-together dinner cum YK's birthday celebration!

Look at those colourful cupcakes Hani bought for us. So freggin cute right? <3


Close up. Look at them its so tiny and so colourful. You can imagine the size by comparing them with my fingers :D Cuteness.

After party after that of course! at the very nostalgic place of ours, Gsix @ The Gardens Midvalley :D

with Lester and Vivian. Gosh after so long!

excuse my drunk face alright =/

The next day we went to i-city! Like after so long hearing bout this place I finally got a chance to visit :D Its so prettyyyy and the lights were uhhhmazinggg :D

so prettyy rightt? holymama!

Apple :D


and thats a real pony!

Well there are more pictures in facebook if you wana see more :D

Blog soon!


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